Monday, March 29, 2010


Whew...the weekend is over and we made it through the birthday celebrations! It all started Friday with bringing treats to Cutter's school. I went with doughnuts instead of cupcakes and let me just say they were a hit! (pat on the back) I think the sprinkle factor helped me out. Only the best for my sweet boy!

Saturday came and we woke up parents to a 5 year old! There's just something about age 5, he is legitimately a BIG BOY! We decided this was his day so he could make the decisions. :)

We had doughnuts leftover so we stuck some candles in it, sang, and the birthday started! We had our last Tball game, of course had McDonald's, a little chill time, a bike ride to break in the bday gift, and dinner at Ajo Al's (of course). I think we have him trained because he actually choose that dinner himself. :) He even got a little ice cream surprise after dinner! It was the perfect day!

(Christian's bday is 11 days after Cutter so he scored a new bike too!)

Sunday arrived and we were still doing the birthday thing. Only this time, Christian got in on the action. We celebrated Cutter and Christian's bday with a family party at the park. Seeing as how their bdays are so close it made sense to knock it out in one swoop. Even better because trying to coordinate family schedules is work, so this worked out perfectly! The weather was AWESOME, and the party was a big SUCCESS!

The birthday boys...

Everyone chipped in on the bikes so we had to make sure they could see the boys in action.

OOPS...we have a biker down.

I guess he will be safe now. :)

There were presents...

Uh, this is the best present ever!

There was a train ride!

OH, and of course, Christian being Christian!

It was a FAB weekend and as exhausting as it was, we LOVED celebrating our children! WE ARE TRULY BLESSED! Now, just think...only 9 more days and we'll celebrate some more! AHHHH!

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  1. looks like a fun party adn im diggin the rides... whats next on the parting list?