Thursday, March 18, 2010

While the cat's away...

So it's spring break here in the Kennedy house, and since my boys don't know any different, we started the week off doing what mommy wanted! :) Collin had business in Colorado, SOOOO, what better time to paint the house!!! Let me tell you, it took me 6 years of being in this house to finally get him to let me paint. (I had to classify it under a bday present for me.) I took the old adage "what he doesn't know won't hurt him" this time so painting it is! ANYWAY, my unfinished paint project started last year and now about a year later we got to finish! I had my mom and brother come down to help, and in 2 days we finished the hallway and kitchen. So it now blends in with the family room! HOORAY!!! I knew Collin would be pleased when he came back and it was all finished. However, I did have one little surprise?!

We started with a little name painting.

Oh, and of course there has to be a bribe! (Good thinking Uncle Mark.)

Now the surprise...


I am not gonna lie...I was a little nervous about Collin's reaction. He is a bit afraid of color and this was BLACK! However, it is AWESOME and I LOVE it! He got home yesterday around 6:30 and he genuinely liked it!!! SUCCESS!!! I was really going to paint over it if he didn't!!! :) The cat was away...and the MICE SURE DID PLAY!!!


  1. nice, i love it and im glad he did too. you have been busy.

  2. It looks soo good :) I can't wait to come over and write all over it!! Good job Lorie.