Thursday, April 1, 2010

Catching up with the Jones's

Oh, the Jones Family...we've got some history with them! In short...Collin and Nick Jones were in the same fraternity at ASU. Therefore, me and Kristy Kay were destined to meet and OH THE STORIES! Anyway, we were the first couples to get married and have kids. Could not have been better timed because we got married 2 months apart and had our first kids (both boys) within a week of each other. We've done our best to stay close and have the boys be BF's. Well...that all changed this year...who knew our kids would get older!!! Our schedules changed with school so we had to disban our playgroup and try to get together whenever we can. So today was one of those days and they made the trek to us during Kai's spring break! WOO HOO! We had a good ol' time!

They played...

ate some pizza...

and played some more.

Christian not wanting to share.

Cutter even scored some new "happy birthday" straws.

Then they hit the wall.

I guess time's up and they need to hit the road. BOO HOO! Thanks Jones Family for coming over to play! I'm sure we'll all sleep good tonight! :)

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