Sunday, October 28, 2012

Back in the game...

OK...I am back at it, and going to do better at keeping my posts current.  I have gotten L.A.Z.Y!!!  No more though...I am let's get to it!

Yesterday we hit the ASU game, and had the kiddos in tow as well.  It was fun but HOT!!!  We did some tailgating, football watching, and some good eating.  Unfortunately, I should of checked the camera before I took it, because I ended up with a dead battery.  :(  However, I was able to manage a few shots to remember the day.  Whew!

Now, if we would have only won?!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mr. Joe

One of the joys of boys...BUGS!!!  Christian has caught his first bug...Mr. Joe.


 Collin helped build Mr. Joe a home.


Home sweet home...

We made sure to have the death talk, so we'll see how long he lives.

As of today, it is day 3, Mr. Joe is still kicking.