Tuesday, April 24, 2012


WHOA...really...I am that old?!  No matter what the friends say...I am sticking to the fact, that it is my last year in my MID THIRTIES!!!  It has been a great day, and a busy day!  Christian ended up with a last minute playdate, so I got a pedicure, hit lunch with buddies, got some sweet gifts, took kids to well checks, had a great mexican dinner on the patio (that pic got erased :(...boo hoo), and finished it off with scooter riding out front.  ALL GOOD TIMES!!!  I could not have asked for a better day!!! 

I guess Christian was so excited to give me his gift.


Who doesn't need some Febreeze?!

My scooter riding boys & me at 37.

So to commemorate this birthday, I am stealing a fellow blogger's idea.

Here are 37 things you might not know about ME!!!

1.  I wish my hair would grow out faster.

2.  I am adopted.

3.  I wish I was stronger in my faith.

4.  There is nothing better to me, than dinner out with girlfriends.

5.  I don't like to mix friends, but might be willing to change this.

6.  I LOVE to exercise, but might love food more.

7.  I will probably be going back to work in a year.
Surprisingly, I might be looking forward to it.

8.  I am not a go getter.


10.  I am happiest in gym clothes.

11.  I want to teach PE when I go back to teaching.

12.  I LOVE that my kids are so different!

13.  I wish I was more "routined".

14.  I wish I didn't start this list...what was I thinking?!

15.  I want to be a good friend...and TOTALLY GENUINE!!!

16.  For not being girly...pedicures are my FAVE!

17.  I wish I was friends with Kelly Ripa!

18.  I LOVE drinking beer and hanging out with Collin!

19.  I love that my kids can sing all the songs I like!

20.  My favorite food might not be cheeseburgers anymore...maybe?!

21.  I have always struggled with my weight.

22.  I am happy living in Anthem, Az.

23.  There is nothing better on TV to me than Friday Night Lights!

24.  I am good with how I am aging.

25.  I would rather sweat to death than wear a swimsuit or swim.

26.  I don't like to travel without Collin.
Well, unless it's a girls trip!

27.  I love being brown!

28.  I am horrible with money!
No matter the amount!

29.  I need to become a morning runner.

30.  I believe everything that happens to me is God's plan for my life.

29.  DUDE will never leave my vocabulary!

30.  The Walking Dead is Collin's and my show.

31.  I am horrible at helping my kids with homework.

32.  My mom is my spiritual role model.

33.  I am a fast food junkie!

34.  When I want something done, I want it done NOW!

35.  I won't get out of bed, until at least 7.

36.  At this moment I am 3 years older than Collin.
Does that make me a cougar???

37.  At 37, all I can say is, this is ME!

I am one blessed wife, mother, friend, sister, and daughter!

I would not change a thing!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

If only...

He could be like this, ALL the time!

Nah...what would be the fun in that???

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I didn't want to rain on Christian's birthday parade, so here's our Easter, a few days late. Christian was lucky enough to get in on some Easter action at school. They had a small party, and the kids got to do an egg hunt. I use the hunt word loosely. On Easter Sunday, we went to Collin's parents, and not only did we do Easter, but we celebrated the boys' bdays too. Fun was had by all!

The school happenings.


The Cousins

Time for the hunt...

the haul...


Finally, some bday gift opening.

He's off into the sunset with his Easter goods and new ride.

Oh the memories...

Monday, April 9, 2012

2 Days Late...this time!

The day before we Easter we celebrated this kiddo!

We started the day with the first soccer game of the season,
and he picked a bagel sandwich for his birthday lunch.

The big party was at 2...at The Playfort!

He had a great time, and got some sweet presents!

Let me just say, I don't recommend the Squishy Baff!

After he opened some gifts, we were off to dinner.

He, like Cutter, made a last minute switch.
He wanted to stay close to home so he could get back to his new goods quicker.

He did get a tasty birthday dessert!

It was a long day but a fun day!

Oh, Christian Kennedy, what can we say about you?!

YOU ARE ALL BOY...still!!!
You love anything boy related, we never know what will come out of your mouth, you are a stinker, have some sweet athletic skills, you love having friends, could survive on nothing but junk, are super good at eating new foods, want everything you see on a commercial,
but you do know how to love!