Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yesterday was the day...I started back to the world of running. I was all gung ho the first of the year (new year's resolution) then as soon as I started, I was finished. I got some type of foot injury, had some physical therapy, and now after some added laziness, am ready to hit the road again. Now, since I have not manned up to get my "ahem" out of bed to run before the kiddos wake up, I must resort to their company if Collin is not home. Not wanting to lose momentum, I packed them up in the jogger and off we were!

We started off strong, and with 3 miles as my goal, I was determined to make it running, no walking, at least the first mile and a half before I gave into the "Mommy, I want to run. Mommy, I want to get out" cries. WOO HOO! I made it! I needed a breather, so....

I guess it was their turn. They started off strong.

I let them race some cars.

Christian was trying to stay ahead of this girl walking home from school. Not an easy task, she was on a mission!

He needed some water after that.

Cutter and Christian finally ran out of gas.

Oh, and here's Christian being Christian.
(PLEASE, could he just sit.)

They seemed to be wearing themselves out, so the rest of the way was pretty relaxed. That is until the race home.

I guess we know who won.

Maybe I should just get my "ahem" out of bed next time. :)

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