Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Day in the Life...


So what does a 38 year old do on her bday???

She tries to start the morning off with a pic of her kids...

Goes to workout...

If she's lucky enough, she has a buddy that wants to go eat pizza & have a pedicure.

She goes to the kiddos flag football game, of which she is responsible for snacks at.

She's also lucky enough to have a super FAB neighbor, who bakes her a cake!
  Decides she needs a pic of what 38 years old looks like.

AND...if she's REALLY LUCKY...the same buddy who she played with earlier, will sneak over while the 38 year old is not home, and do something extra special as a surprise!
(The buddy will also call at 9:00 to see if the 38 year old has even been outside?!  OOPS!)

I guess...38 might not be so bad.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday morning with Mom!

This morning the boys had well checks, so that meant no racing to get Cutter to school.  He even talked me into letting him stay out until I took Christian at noon.  I guess it didn't take much convincing.  :)  So we had a fun little morning the 3 of us!

I started the morning with a quick photo session.

That ended like this...


Oh to the Dr. twins...have a 2 pound difference, Christian being the heavier, 
a 1/2 inch height difference, Cutter hanging on to the tallest kid by a thread, 
and Christian was mortified to have to wear the gown!

We decided to hit the "nice" Walmart off Cave Creek.

Then hit home for a quick 30 minute play session outside, before we hit Barro's for lunch.

Can't think of a better way to spend a morning, 
but so glad 12:05 came!!!  :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Yesterday I hit the zoo with Christian for his last kinder field trip.  :(  Can't believe it's almost over!  He LOVED the zoo and not gonna lie, couldn't believe how excited he got!  He was running all around and even left his buddies.  The best part, I got to have him all to myself for a little bit! 

We rode on the sky ride...I have now realized...
so not a fan of heights!

Nothing better than an ICEE to top of the afternoon.

It was a zooper good day!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Well, we are STILL doing birthdays around here.  What was I thinking having two kids, whose bdays fall 11 days apart?!  All part of the fun, I guess.  Since we did the boys bdays with my fam last week, this week it was Collin's fam's turn.  They came over last night, and we had a low key evening, some tears with the monkey in the middle game out back, some presents, cake, and lots of cousin fun!

This morning, the bday boy woke up, and his request was chocolate chip pancakes.
I really should of taken a pic for those who doubt my cooking ability!

Christian got a lot of gift cards to Toys R' Us, so off we went.


 No joke...15 minutes later, we were out.

He could not wait to get home.

He did have a classmate's bday party, so he had to take a break for some Peter Piper.
I know, we should have stock in that place.
He got right back to it, as soon as he could.

Which led to Rookie's takeout for the bday dinner,
as he did not want to go out and leave his Lego's.

He's so easy to please!

So here we go with 6 things about Christian...

1.  He has a hilarious sense of humor.
You never quite know what is coming out of his mouth.
2.  He seems to be able to behave anywhere, except his own house.
3.  LOVES having friends.
4.  He's his brother's worst enemy.
5.  He is always ready to stick up for someone who needs it.

You are LOVED!!!