Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today the boys and I hit the zoo for our last free trip. Our membership expires Sunday, so I figured we had to have one last hurrah. The funny thing is, in all the time that we've been members (at least 5 years) I have never once taken the boys by myself, until today! We picked Cutter up from school and we were off! Let me tell you, if every trip would be like it was today, I almost would reconsider the renewing of membership. The weather was FAB and the kids were FABULOUS!

We saw some animals.

Cutter is all about the button pushing for the animal info.

We visited the children's area, Harmony Farm, only to play.
(Like, I am taking them anywhere near the petting zoo on my own! You know how many germs are in there! UGH!)

I let go of my fear of the over crowding children craziness and let them spend some time in the big "tree house". (Cutter's term)

AWESOME! They stayed right together so no worries!
(it was pretty cleared out by the time we played)

OH, it's not a complete trip to the zoo without a ride on the carousel.

(Jamie, how's my one arm shot?!)

Thank you Phoenix Zoo for some good times and good memories!

Friday, February 19, 2010



I am sure there is a manlier term than date night, so I will have to work on that. ANYWAY...seeing as how we are still in the sick zone, I thought since Christian was better he deserved to get out of the house. So, voila, night out with Dad! Collin has an aunt in town so he took Christian for a little din din with his fam. PERFECT!

I got him showered and looking cool.

Oh, and let's not forget he was armed with entertainment of his own. I was hoping it would make dinner more enjoyable. :)

Bye bye boys...the other child and I will stay home and chill. What was funny was 15 min. after they left Collin texted and Christian had fallen asleep. Thank goodness for the power nap, because from what I hear he was pretty quiet and well behaved at dinner. Whew!

Don't worry about Cutter he got some goods too...McDonald's!

The good news...I think tomorrow will be our turning point with Cutter. He might just be on his way to finally being healthy! I'm sure the Mickey D's dr. mommy prescribed will help. :)

My fingers are crossed!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LOVE month...more like SICK month!!!

So, seriously, it feels like this whole month we've been battling colds, runny noses, throw up, coughing, croup, and fevers! PLEASE, I can't take it anymore! I really thought life would resume as normal tomorrow, BUT, at about 1:30 this afternoon Cutter had a fever of 101.1. Which means no school tomorrow (AGAIN) until he has had a normal temp. for 24 hours. PLEASE, I am going crazy! I almost have to say that what's making me crazy now is the fact that he seems pretty normal other than that fever, and Christian is now finally back to normal. what do we do on sick days???

We do puzzles...

Cutter builds ski houses and watches TV. :)

Christian plays with his trains.

They get a yummy lunch!

Oh, and some rest...Cutter must not feel good if he's taking a nap!

Although, not all was lost for mommy...I cleaned out the pantry!

I guess we'll do it all again tomorrow. Let's hope it will be fever free at least. :)

What to clean, what to clean???

Sunday, February 14, 2010


The big day is here and how are we celebrating?

1. No valentine pics...
2. A croupy 2 year old...sleepless nights of lots of coughing.
3. A very exhausted mommy!
4. A new T ball set for the boys.
5. BUT...a good ol' quality family night with dinner in!
(burgers, fries, corn on the cob, and beer)


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Christian Walker's turn for some LOVE!

So, with the intentions of doing this post 2 days out for our 2 year old, here we are 1 day from the big L-O-V-E day! (computer issues kept me from being on track) ANYWAY...this post is for our very loveable Christian.

This kiddo definitely keeps us on our toes!


1. He is a stinker, but a really sweet one!
2. He is all boy, rough and tough!
3. His funny facial expressions when he's going to get in trouble or when he wants to get out of trouble.
He says..."I sooo sorry!"
(As he's trying to score a hug to make us forget whatever it is he just did.)
4. His big brown eyes.
5. His signature dance moves!

Christian, you are one of our greatest gifts from God! We love you soooo much and look forward to all the memories we'll have together!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

we LOVE to play hooky...

What do you do when you skip school for a day? You go to Flagstaff!!! The boys and I had a full day of F-U-N!!!

There was bed jumping...

A yummy breakfast with Halley!

A couple elevator rides.

Some good ol' indoor pool play.

We had game play and pizza.

OH, and of course we had to play in the snow!

I guess it's back to school tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

we LOVE our Cutter Andrew!

The Valentine's Day count down is on, and I thought with it being 4 days away, why not do a L-O-V-E post about our 4 year old...


Seriously...what would a picture of Cutter be without his straws!?


1. His sweet personality.
2. His crazy obsession with straws! Cutter does not discriminate.
Whether it's McDonald's, Sonic, Circle K, or Starbucks, he LOVES all straws!
3. His soft voice and how he sounds when he says he loves you.
I swear you can actually hear the love in his voice!
4. His musicality...he can sing Lady Gaga, Green Day, and Pink with the best of them.
5. His time is his time. He will never do anything until he is ready.
A little nudging is good for this kid!

Cutter Andrew, you are so special and we are blessed everyday we have with you! We are so thankful to God for choosing you to be our little boy!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

A pat on the back please...


How about a big HOORAY for the Kennedy's?! We made it through January, and a little into February without eating dinner out once! So to end the misery, or I should say commemorate our accomplishment, we headed to an oldie but a goodie for us. I will give you one guess?


We LOVE (keeping with my l-o-v-e theme) Ajo Al's, as I always say! It really was the perfect place for us to go, as we re-enter the restaurant scene. :) It was Collin's choice, and seriously I was surprised that come time to make the dinner choice (stay in or go out), I really could have stayed home. WHAT? Did I really say that? Was Collin right all along, and now I am cured of my eating out habit!? PLEASE NO!!! However, I think I might be.

Actually, to be fair, Collin deserves a huge THANK YOU for the lesson learned. We were a little bit out of control with the eating out, and his challenge really opened my eyes to how much we could save staying in, AND that there is a Rachel Ray somewhere deep inside me! He was more than complimentary with my cooking skills and the different recipes I attempted for dinner. Do I dare say I enjoyed it a bit?! Now that February has started, I am more than willing to compromise between eating out and dining at home on the weekends. THANK YOU COLLIN for making me "get it"!

I'm not the only one who appreciated the night out.

These boys were in the celebrating mood too!!!

Anyone want to do dinner soon??? :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame...


T-Ball season here we are...

Cutter arriving at the ball fields.

We are on to our 2nd sport for Cutter. The oh so ever kid friendly game of T-ball. The first game was this morning, and I would say it was a successful opening day for Cutter! He did very well, and participated the whole game.

Some of Cutter's game highlights.

We are looking forward to a good season!
(It's only 2 months.)


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

we LOVE a good playdate!

NO SCHOOL we were off to Kari's house to play!

Here's the players...

We rode bikes, played trains, dabbled a little with soccer and Tball, played on the swingset, and had a yummy snack! Mommy's favorite part...the Dr. Pepper!!! It was a great morning!

See you again on the 15th! We can't wait!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

we LOVE us some clean teeth

So, it's the LOVE month and what better way to start it off with some clean teeth for some smooching! What a difference 6 months makes!

It's been 6 months since Christian's first dentist appt. and it was a freakin' nightmare! So, this time I had to redeem the visit. Last time I had both boys with me for dual appointments and that's when I learned only 1 child at a time. No pictures were taken, and just as well because Christian's ear piercing screams were enough for me to want to forget his visit ever happened. Today, however, was a FAB trip to the dentist! No crying, kicking, or screaming...just a pleasant little boy...eager to please. HOORAY!!!

Who wants the first smooch?!

Christian, you are a good boy! Way to go today!