Monday, March 22, 2010


That's right people, 7 years ago Collin and I whooped it up in Vegas and got married! It was a par-tay! As I look back and think about that time, I definitely wouldn't change my decision at all to get married in Vegas. After waiting 6 years to finally get asked (yes, Collin and I have been together for 13 years) I was not waiting any longer than necessary. So 6 months later, with about 60 guests, we hit the road to Las Vegas! WOO HOO!!!

Our wedding site...Mandalay Bay.

Collin, it's been a pretty easy 7 years and I think we definitely know how to "do" the marriage thing. You are a wonderful husband, a terrific father, and my bestest friend! I LOVE YOU, and look forward to all that's ahead for us as a couple and as a family! THANK YOU for being you and letting me be me! LOTS OF LOVE to you!!!



  1. oh ya baby vegas is one of our most fav places. you too are perfect for each other.

  2. I am such a horrible friend!! I know we talked about your anniversary yesterday but I didn't even think about it today when we talked!! AHHHHHHHH...please don't hold it against me. You know I love you :) Happy anniversary Lorie and Collin. It's crazy to think that I knew you both before you were married :) What a fun ride it's been. Congrats!!