Thursday, March 4, 2010

And I quote...

So we know Cutter has an obsession with straws. The other night...well last night...he wanted a straw I had. I said he could have it, IF he got rid of 2 of his other straws. (Seriously...this kid stockpiles, and they are chewed, folded up or beat up, but geez louise getting him to get rid of them... a pain.) They start to drive Collin crazy after there are too many. Therefore, we try to limit them. ANYWAY...he's like no, no, no...and then the kicker, out of nowhere...AND I QUOTE...


I'm sorry, did he say his "thing"?! How does he even know what a "thing" is?!

Ok, ok, with an answer like that you can keep your "thing"! Who am I to argue with that reasoning?! Sorry Collin...the straws stay. Didn't you know they were his "thing"?



  1. Will Collin flip if I get Cutter a box of straws from Costco for his birthday?? That's like 10,000 straws!! The kid would go CRAZY!!!! Too funny.

  2. i would have to agree it is his thing... when i think of straws i think of him