Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Ok, so I am really lagging on my posts. I think it's part laziness, and part losing my creative juices. Since the whole goal of this blog is to have something my kids can look back at, I think it's time I kick it in gear...and get CREATIVE!

Now, part of this is that Collin is out of town, which means I can't sleep, so I have been doing some blog lurking. I found an idea to use the letters of the alphabet to describe our family. This way Cutter and Christian can see what we were all about at this time.

So, without further ado...here's the ABC's of us!

A...ASU...can't decide if we should love them or leave them?!
B...BOYS...I LOVE that I am surrounded by BOYS! I always said I was a boy mom, and was I ever right!

C...CHRISTIANITY...that is our faith. We are Christians, and hope to raise our kids in a home that teaches them to love God.
D...DAD...Collin could not be a better dad, and these boys are blessed to have him as a role model and hero.
E...ETHICON ENDOSURGERY...best job ever! LOVE how it let's Collin be flexible at times so he can be involved in school activities! I know I have said it before...but it can't be said enough...THANK YOU COLLIN for working hard and being such a good provider! I so appreciate all you do!

F...FUN...we do try to have some now and then!
G...GOD...has blessed us immensely!
H...HAPPY...I pray for good ol' happy kids.
I...ILLNESS...lately I feel like we have had a lot of sickness. UGH!
J...JESUS...God's son...kids gotta know about Him.
K...KODA...the family dog.
L...LOVE...my hope is that my children always know they are loved and feel loved.
M...MOM...ME...perfect! HA...I will always be grateful I got to be a stay at home mom.
N...NO...need to say less, and yes more!
O...OPPOSITES...Cutter and Christian.

P...POTTY...I am always cleaning up after it's used...boys + potty = GROSS!
Q...QUESTIONS...you never know what your kids are going to ask, but you can only hope your answer is good.
R...RESTAURANTS...we eat out too much, and that is making Cutter an anti-home eater. He thinks food only tastes good if it's from a restaurant.
S...SPORTS...if Collin has his way, the boys will be trying everything until they find their gift. Not going to lie, but Christian might have the upper hand in this category. :)
T...TIME OUT...this is how we discipline right now...might need to rethink it.
U...UPTIGHT...so funny how I am this when it comes to germs! I have boys for crying out loud!
V...VACATIONS...Cutter and Christian are some good little travelers!

W...WORRY...can't help it but I do. Ultimately, God is in control, which makes my worrying a lot less.
X...X-RAY...thankfully we've only had one. I expect Christian to rack up a few. :)
Y...YEARS...they are flying by fast. I swear these kids were just babies!
Z...ZILCH...I got nothing!

That's it...next time won't you sing with me!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


With our babies!!! That's right, this past weekend we hit up the City of Sin! Honestly, I gotta say, it's pretty fun with kids in tow. :) We were really headed there for the Fresh Beat Band concert, but managed to have some other fun too! I will let you know that I am in no pics, as this was our first go at it with the new camera. I was too selfish and paranoid something would happen, so wouldn't let others near it! Hey, everyone knows I was there...how else would the pics get taken?!


That's right, you are going to the Fresh Beat Band!

I might have enjoyed the Fresh Beat more than I should.

Our digs for the weekend...very kid friendly!

Can't beat swimming in February.

We played some expensive games..always fun!

Which led to a meltdown for Christian (he wouldn't let me photograph it),
which in turn made going to sleep very easy!

This should of been our first sign that a meltdown was coming.
Lovely, please lay on the filthy casino carpet.


Cutter could not get enough of the New York New York roller coaster.
Anywhere we went, if it was visible, he was watching!

Christian wanted his picture taken with EVERYONE!

And funny enough, all Cutter has been talking about is eating at PF Changs for the past couple weeks. SOOOOO....we did not disappoint him!
Crazy kid...he LOVED it!

Oh, how we LOVE us some Vegas Fun!!!

This whole trip was a surprise, and the kids had a blast!

If anything, Collin and I were reminded of how different the two of them are from each other.
And I was reminded of how SUPER my hubby is!