Friday, July 30, 2010


We LOVE this time of year!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer-Can NOW begin!

WOO HOO!!! I was officially finished yesterday with my online classes, so today was MY first day of summer. We hit the aquarium with Grandma Jane! I had to make some magic with this post seeing as how when I got to the Sea Life Aquarium, my battery was low and the camera died, then it was dark and no flash was allowed. It was the ideal scenario for pictures. :)

LOVE the close up of the stingray.

Having a good time at the starfish tide pool.
Just checking things out...

1 day down...18 to go.

what to do, what to do???

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Grand Finale...BEANTOWN

Oh, so sad, the last day of our trip has approached. We decided to spend the day in Boston, Ma, and we had a WICKED good time!!! Collin and I both decided that this was our favorite day yet!!!

Since we only had one day we had to be efficient.
What better way to see Boston then by the Old Town Trolley!

What's our plan of attack boys?

Christian taking it all in.

The attempt at the one arm family shot.
If I only would have lifted Cutter up a little more.

A definite must see...the Green Monster.

We made a last minute stop decision and decided to check out the aquarium.
This was the first time Cutter actually seemed to be enjoying himself.


After seeing some giant turtles, sea lions, eels, and penquins,
it was time to get back on the trolley.


Ever read the book MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS?
Here they are...


Cutter fishing for ickiness!!!

OH, we can't forget the place where everyone knows your name!

To top off the night we headed out for dinner, and the boys got to
take a ride in their first taxi.

It came with treats. :)

Here the boys are waiting in line, for what was supposed to be
one of the best pizza places in town, according to the Food Network.


It did not disappoint.

We left with full bellies, and were ready for nighty night time.
Our flight was at 6:00 AM!!!

All in all, it was an absolutely FAB time, and a good summertime family vacation.

(shhhhh, kindergarten is a coming)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TOTAL FLUKE=Christian's Lucky Day

With the wedding festivities behind us, we were free to do what we wanted. Somehow, we got LUCKY, and in North Conway, New Hampshire, there was something going on, rather someone visiting, that would make Christian's day...


Seriously, for Christian this could not have come at a better time. I have never had a kid really into anything commercial. However, Christian is all about Thomas and when we heard "he" was close, we knew we had to go and see "him"!

Can you feel his excitement?!


They are now certified and official Thomas the Train riders.

Of course Christian had to get a new train.

He needed it for all the train tracks set up.

OH, and this was the track where the drama of another mom's fury was unleashed on me.
GOOD TIMES at Thomas!

So now I am fired up, and need to cool down...

ICE CREAM makes everything better!!!

Thank you North Conway, NH for a seriously good, once in a lifetime, memory for Christian!!!
(Did I mention that this was the last weekend of A Day Out with Thomas?)


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The MAINE Festivities...

On this little wedding trip we got to chill a bit in Maine. The wedding happenings started on Thursday with the rehearsal dinner, then the wedding on Friday afternoon. It was SWEET to get to check out another state. Maine provided us with some delish food, and the boys even got some beach time in!!!

The cousins have made it!!!

Collin getting ready to dig in...YUMMY!

Christian not really getting why we would eat this animal?

Good use for the bib...Christian was Lobster Boy!

Cutter provided the evenings entertainment.

How are we going to top this evening???


Everyone got all fancy for the day.
THE BROTHERS: Collin, Kane, and Chris

Hmmmm...what do you do when you are all dressed up???

You go to the beach!!!

You try to pose for mommy.

You stay clean on the grass.
(The wedding site is the green building.)

Unless you are Christian of course...
then you just go ahead and get dirty on the rocks!!!

Then you proceed to throw some rocks.

Then, you hit the filthy arcade, where it's soooo freakin' humid,
that you become a pool of sweat!!!
(We haven't even been through the ceremony or pictures yet!!!)'s time!!!

That a boy Christian! You sit nice and quiet.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy
Kane and Ellen

We did some dancing.

Oh, and Christian did some pouting.

I guess that means it's time to head out.

Soooo, mommy and daddy can GO OUT!
WOO HOO!!! Grandma Jane took over and we all headed out to PARTY!

The sister in laws whooping it up!

What better way to end the night with some yummy late night food!
Chris, Melinda, and I ditched the group and found us some grub.
Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives presents...

Thanks fancy pants Melinda for taking one for the team, and going into the heat box!
SOOOO worth her sweatiness, to get me my cheese fries!!!

And those were our good times in Maine!!!