Thursday, June 24, 2010

So, how was your afternoon???

LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MINE!!! I locked my keys in my car, and thus had to walk home with my kids. Well, knowing I couldn't get into my house I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing. Collin was in Prescott, and the ONLY ONE who has an extra key to the house or my car. (We might have to create a new plan.) AND all my Anthem peeps were not readily available. (Paige, if I got desperate I was walking over to you. I knew you had a full house.) GOOD TIMES WERE AHEAD!!!

FIRST, I thought there was going to be a miracle because we got home and Koda was in the backyard. I was thinking the kids let her out and forgot to lock the back door! NOPE!!! So, after making my calls and texts, I figured we had about an hour or so to chill, so we made use of the backyard. :)

The boys rode bikes.

Cutter had a straw, so he was going to be fine.

Christian played IN the water table!

OH...what if someone had to go to the bathroom?!

You gotta love the ease of boys! BUT...WHAT??? Christian you have to go number 2???

That's right...use your imagination!
You notice Cutter cracking up :)

HOORAY!!! It is the calvary!!! THANK YOU REYES FAMILY!!!
(FYI: Christian shirtless=a good wipe) :)

And that my friends was my afternoon!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This past Tuesday we headed off to Kari's for a summer swim playdate. I was on a mission to put those swim lessons to work! Kari had the perfect pool for swimmers of all ages!

Us moms got a bit adventurous by providing even more entertainment.

Kari and I were so happy to have Jess make it over with her 2 sweet boys.
(Jess, maybe you should go for the 3rd so Savana isn't outnumbered.)

WOO HOO...those lessons are paying off.


Kari, add us to the weekly list of activities! We had a great time!
(Now back to the books for me...well the laptop that is.)

Sunday, June 20, 2010



On the agenda today...a mellow day (Collin just got back from his brother's bachelor party) so a nap, ASU baseball, dinner of his choice, and lots of love of course! I asked the kids a few questions to see what they thought about their Dad. Here's a few:

What does daddy like to eat?

Cutter: bagel sandwiches
Christian: Crabs

What does daddy like to do:

Cutter: do hospital work
Christian: work

What does daddy like to watch on TV?

Cutter: the news
Christian: news and robots

Who does daddy love?

Cutter: Christian and Cutter
Christian: Christian




Collin you are a super-duper good dad!!!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 THUMBS UP!!! Collin has brought it to my attention that I am "slowing down" with the blog. That's his polite way of saying I am lagging in updates. Did he not read the last entry??? You know the part where I am taking 3 online classes and we don't DO ANYTHING!!! I guess that's not good enough, so I guess I need to get on it. we go...I will create magic out of not doing ANYTHING!!!

Actually, I had been meaning to post this the same time as the no diapers in the Kennedy House, but didn't know what to do. So here's what I did...

That's right...we have no more thumb suckers!!! WOO HOO!!! This has been our battle, not totally faced, but a long time coming. BACKSTORY: Our kids were thumbsuckers, Collin was until 3rd grade, had an overbite, wore headgear, and feared for our children's social well-being!!! Cutter and Christian's thumbsucking was so bad we could hear them at night, from our bedroom!!! LOUD!!! We have tried a couple times to get them to stop, but didn't really know how to go about it. MIRACLE: Cutter went to the dentist in mid May, we talked about thumbsucking, got the same pamphlets we always get, but this time, it worked!!!

The pamphlet had some pics, I showed them to the kids, and VOILA, I swear they stopped that day!!! I was going to show you some of the thumbsucking teeth pics (which I so lovingly told my boys that is what their teeth will look like...DISGUSTING and BLOODY!), but thought they might be a bit much. They also had this crazy shirt with no holes in the pamphlet, in which Cutter seemed to have a very strong reaction too.

Again, with love, I told him HE WILL BE WEARING THAT SHIRT if he didn't stop. I guess the LOVE worked! Moral of the story...if you have them gross pictures of bloody teeth and weird shirts and they will stop! OH, but don't forget the L-O-V-E!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mommy's Learning

So while the kids are out of school for the summer, I am not. I am taking 3 online classes and let me tell you, thank goodness for swim lessons and Friday movie days, otherwise my kids would never get out! They have to suffer right along with me while it seems all my extra minutes are used up on school work. UGH! Anyway, one of the classes is a literature class which got me thinking (or should I say feeling guilty) that I lag in the whole reading area with my kids. SO, we made lemonade out of lemons and yesterday we headed out for our first visit to the library!

Christian was on a mission for books about trains.

Cutter wanted a book about planes.

Christian found some other FUN as well.

WOO movies!!!

Finally, the big checkout.

We are stocked up on books and now I can practice what I am learning on my kids!

I know...they are sooooo lucky!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Here's a photo of Christian holding his last diaper...WOO HOO...NO MORE DIAPERS (day or night) for the Kennedy House!!! They are outta here!!! As of Saturday we became a diaper free house!!! Can you tell I am EXCITED?!!! WOO HOO!!! You can obviously see Christian's enthusiasm as well...way to focus on the photo op CW! :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

8:30 AM-4:30 PM was a fun filled FRIDAY! We headed out first thing this morning to our big MOVIE DAY!!!

Charlotte's Web here we come...

After the movie we headed to Target to stock up on some pool goods. Thank goodness I had a helper!

WOO favorite for lunch! ZIPPS!!!

After full bellies we were off to swim at the Grandparents!

On the way home...pure exhaustion!

It was a super good day!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Last night I decided since it's summer, who cares about bedtime! SO I took the boys to the community center to watch Collin play in his basketball league. It was his last Tuesday night game so we thought we should show our support. GO TRUCOM!!!

Good work Collin...showing some good sportsmanship.

Here's an action shot.

Hmmm....maybe I should rethink that whole bedtime thing?

Second turn.

Christian's big shot.

The boys had fun cheering on their Dad, and despite all their cheers, the team couldn't pull off the win. :( Oh well, we had FUN!!!