Monday, March 29, 2010


Whew...the weekend is over and we made it through the birthday celebrations! It all started Friday with bringing treats to Cutter's school. I went with doughnuts instead of cupcakes and let me just say they were a hit! (pat on the back) I think the sprinkle factor helped me out. Only the best for my sweet boy!

Saturday came and we woke up parents to a 5 year old! There's just something about age 5, he is legitimately a BIG BOY! We decided this was his day so he could make the decisions. :)

We had doughnuts leftover so we stuck some candles in it, sang, and the birthday started! We had our last Tball game, of course had McDonald's, a little chill time, a bike ride to break in the bday gift, and dinner at Ajo Al's (of course). I think we have him trained because he actually choose that dinner himself. :) He even got a little ice cream surprise after dinner! It was the perfect day!

(Christian's bday is 11 days after Cutter so he scored a new bike too!)

Sunday arrived and we were still doing the birthday thing. Only this time, Christian got in on the action. We celebrated Cutter and Christian's bday with a family party at the park. Seeing as how their bdays are so close it made sense to knock it out in one swoop. Even better because trying to coordinate family schedules is work, so this worked out perfectly! The weather was AWESOME, and the party was a big SUCCESS!

The birthday boys...

Everyone chipped in on the bikes so we had to make sure they could see the boys in action.

OOPS...we have a biker down.

I guess he will be safe now. :)

There were presents...

Uh, this is the best present ever!

There was a train ride!

OH, and of course, Christian being Christian!

It was a FAB weekend and as exhausting as it was, we LOVED celebrating our children! WE ARE TRULY BLESSED! Now, just think...only 9 more days and we'll celebrate some more! AHHHH!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Cutter Andrew Kennedy, 5 years ago on Easter Sunday we were blessed when you entered our lives. You have been one of our greatest joys, and we thank God for you daily! Cutter you are a sweet little boy, and we LOVE you!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

ETA...3 1/2 HOURS

Dear Daddia, I hear you are coming home today? How was your work on the airplane? I am so happy I got to talk to you on the phone. Do you want to know what I did while you were gone? Well, since it was just mommy here she let me eat Old McDonald meat and fries a couple times. It was soooo good! Mommy took me to Tball and we had pictures too. She did okay with bringing Christian. He was good. I smiled and said "CHEESE" for my pictures. Daddia, since you weren't here we pulled out lots of toys and didn't play with any of them. We know how much you like our toys everywhere, Mommy didn't seem to care. :)

You know what else was great??? Mommy bought us some Oreo's! I LOVED them, they are my favorite! Maybe we can get more next time!

Daddia, you know what else? Mommy met with my teacher today and I am smart! I LOVE that I am smart! I am sure Mommy will tell you all about it. :)

I can't wait to see you Daddia! Maybe we'll clean up our toys before you get home? See you soon!

OH, Christian wants a turn...

HI DADDY! How was Texas? Life was good never have to worry when you are away, I take good care of mommy! If something breaks, I will fix it for her.

I also stayed up late and built houses with her. (Shhhh, I think she really wanted company because she was scared without you!) you know Cutter slept in your bed EVERY night?! I tried but I was too crazy, so I went to my room. Mommy said I was up too late...11:00!!! She said I will be going to bed early tonight.

Mommy says you will be home soon...I am not taking a nap so I am sure I will drive you crazy! OH, can we go to the movies this weekend? I want to see the dragon movie! Bye Daddy!


Monday, March 22, 2010


That's right people, 7 years ago Collin and I whooped it up in Vegas and got married! It was a par-tay! As I look back and think about that time, I definitely wouldn't change my decision at all to get married in Vegas. After waiting 6 years to finally get asked (yes, Collin and I have been together for 13 years) I was not waiting any longer than necessary. So 6 months later, with about 60 guests, we hit the road to Las Vegas! WOO HOO!!!

Our wedding site...Mandalay Bay.

Collin, it's been a pretty easy 7 years and I think we definitely know how to "do" the marriage thing. You are a wonderful husband, a terrific father, and my bestest friend! I LOVE YOU, and look forward to all that's ahead for us as a couple and as a family! THANK YOU for being you and letting me be me! LOTS OF LOVE to you!!!


Sunday, March 21, 2010


We had a FAB weekend! It was one of the busiest we have had in awhile but SUPER FUN! All the fun started on Saturday with a HUGE date night! It was our day to celebrate our anniversary so we sent the kiddos to the grandparents and off we were to the west side!

We hit Westgate and some of its fine establishments. One was for dinner and the other drinks. It was a happening time at Westgate. After some food and beverage we were off to the main event...COYOTES HOCKEY GAME!

Since this was an anniversary with a theme, "7 year itch" I had big plans! It was supposed to be a trip to San Diego, but due to Collin's work schedule that didn't exactly pan out. SOOOO, trying to think outside the box, I thought "Hmmmm, what did we used to do back in the day?" Pre kids and in our dating years we would go to all kinds of sporting events. Baseball, football, basketball, we did not when I had the chance to get free tickets to the Coyotes game I jumped! It was a smokin' game and a good time!

Our one arm shot "Heaps-style".
(We had to have a momento of the occasion.)

We headed out early and seriously had a full evening of couple time! AWESOME! I even made sure to give Collin a little gift...if you got an itch you gotta scratch!

I got him 7 scratchers (1 for each year of our wedded bliss.)
Unfortunately, we did not hit it big! Oh well!

It was a PERFECT night!


Guess what's back in town...the dirty and unsanitary CARNIVAL!

After the kid pick up on Sunday, we were off for family fun day at the Anthem carnival. WOO HOO! Get your sanitizer out!!!

Christian was still our "rider" but surprise, surprise, Cutter said the merry-go-round was for babies and he went for the big boy ride.


After about the 3rd time of this ride Collin was done! So we were outta there and headed for some nourishment.

Everything is better after PIZZA!

WHEW...we are exhausted and ready for normalcy. Spring break is over and we ended the week right. :) GOOD TIMES...GOOD TIMES!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Who doesn't like a good bubble bath?

I know this little boy does!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

While the cat's away...

So it's spring break here in the Kennedy house, and since my boys don't know any different, we started the week off doing what mommy wanted! :) Collin had business in Colorado, SOOOO, what better time to paint the house!!! Let me tell you, it took me 6 years of being in this house to finally get him to let me paint. (I had to classify it under a bday present for me.) I took the old adage "what he doesn't know won't hurt him" this time so painting it is! ANYWAY, my unfinished paint project started last year and now about a year later we got to finish! I had my mom and brother come down to help, and in 2 days we finished the hallway and kitchen. So it now blends in with the family room! HOORAY!!! I knew Collin would be pleased when he came back and it was all finished. However, I did have one little surprise?!

We started with a little name painting.

Oh, and of course there has to be a bribe! (Good thinking Uncle Mark.)

Now the surprise...


I am not gonna lie...I was a little nervous about Collin's reaction. He is a bit afraid of color and this was BLACK! However, it is AWESOME and I LOVE it! He got home yesterday around 6:30 and he genuinely liked it!!! SUCCESS!!! I was really going to paint over it if he didn't!!! :) The cat was away...and the MICE SURE DID PLAY!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!

It's St. Patrick's Day so that means HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our friend David! The boys got in their green and off we were to celebrate!

Here's the birthday boy!

Check out all the festive they are!



Tuesday, March 9, 2010



His choice is to take the drops like a man and get him some choclatey goodness...M & M's. I gotta say it's working like a charm. :) Good times, good times!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

WHOA!!!...The day has come!!

I can't believe it's here, but it is...


I made sure to get our packet this AM. Since I like being on the ball, I got it all filled out and back this afternoon. Cutter is now registered for kindergarten and officially part of the class of 2023!

Isn't that just CRAZY!?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

And I quote...

So we know Cutter has an obsession with straws. The other night...well last night...he wanted a straw I had. I said he could have it, IF he got rid of 2 of his other straws. (Seriously...this kid stockpiles, and they are chewed, folded up or beat up, but geez louise getting him to get rid of them... a pain.) They start to drive Collin crazy after there are too many. Therefore, we try to limit them. ANYWAY...he's like no, no, no...and then the kicker, out of nowhere...AND I QUOTE...


I'm sorry, did he say his "thing"?! How does he even know what a "thing" is?!

Ok, ok, with an answer like that you can keep your "thing"! Who am I to argue with that reasoning?! Sorry Collin...the straws stay. Didn't you know they were his "thing"?


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yesterday was the day...I started back to the world of running. I was all gung ho the first of the year (new year's resolution) then as soon as I started, I was finished. I got some type of foot injury, had some physical therapy, and now after some added laziness, am ready to hit the road again. Now, since I have not manned up to get my "ahem" out of bed to run before the kiddos wake up, I must resort to their company if Collin is not home. Not wanting to lose momentum, I packed them up in the jogger and off we were!

We started off strong, and with 3 miles as my goal, I was determined to make it running, no walking, at least the first mile and a half before I gave into the "Mommy, I want to run. Mommy, I want to get out" cries. WOO HOO! I made it! I needed a breather, so....

I guess it was their turn. They started off strong.

I let them race some cars.

Christian was trying to stay ahead of this girl walking home from school. Not an easy task, she was on a mission!

He needed some water after that.

Cutter and Christian finally ran out of gas.

Oh, and here's Christian being Christian.
(PLEASE, could he just sit.)

They seemed to be wearing themselves out, so the rest of the way was pretty relaxed. That is until the race home.

I guess we know who won.

Maybe I should just get my "ahem" out of bed next time. :)