Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday @ 7:00 PM

It's Tuesday night, and that means WIPEOUT is on TV in the Kennedy house. I have no idea when it happened, but Cutter LOVES this show! (I think he saw it on the sly somewhere.) He loves it so much that I will add tonight's episode to the other 5 or 6 episodes we have DVR'd. So along with it being on TV, it also means it's time for the furniture to take a beating. :)

Cutter doing his off the couch-twist flip.
(He is so fast that I couldn't capture the flip.)

Christian's attempt at something.

OH, and let's not forget the jumping!

Christian's turn...

So that my friends' is what's going on here on Tuesday nights. Feel free to join us Thursday, because WIPEOUT is on again, which means we'll be doing this all again!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

HOORAY for floaties!!!

WHOA! I am really slipping...it's been awhile...but here I am. I have something to finally post! We'll call it a memory I wanted to remember. After all, isn't that what this whole blog is about...MEMORIES!!! It's time I get back at it!

Here we go...so we all know the boys had swim lessons, and even though they liked being in the water, they stayed close to the steps. WELL...thanks to a summertime visit to Kari's that all changed. I was a total NO FLOATIE girl! I didn't want it to hinder the swim lessons so I kept them away. However, at a swim playdate with David and Savana, they tried out their floaties, and GEEZ LOUISE...the steps were the last place they wanted to be! Off they were, jumping and swimming!!! I made sure I got to Walmart and got them their own ASAP! Needless to say, we have been trying to get the last bit of swimming out of them.

Bummer, I waited until the end of summer to discover this swim miracle!!!

I am LOVIN' the floatie action!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


At what we got in the mail this week!!!



Monday, August 16, 2010



It's 9:11 and he's almost been at school for an hour. Hmmmm...I wonder how it's going?! All went well this morning, despite Christian crying all the way to school because he wanted to take the car. He doesn't get that the beauty of being close to school is WALKING, so we avoid the crazy school traffic. IT IS HORRIFIC!!!

We made it to the classroom.

HOORAY...Cutter found his seat.

He gets right to work.

It looks like he's going to be OK!

Cutter, welcome to your school career...only 13 more years to go!!!

SIDENOTE: I don't think I've mentioned it, but he's only going 1/2 day, so this really hasn't been as traumatic an experience as it should be. He's still mine for the afternoon!

I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kinder Sneak Peek

Last night we had Cutter's "Meet the Teacher" night, and we are feeling really good about the year he is going to have. His teacher's name is Mrs. Kahn, and she was one of the Teachers of the Year in the district this past year. WOO HOO!!! His room is FABULOUS and seems very organized...just the way I would do it, if I was teaching! Hmmmm....I might be a little nostalgic?!

Cutter and Christian leading the way to room 204.

We found it.

Collin helping Cutter with a game to put all their supplies away.

We are looking forward to watching Cutter grow,
academically and socially.

Cutter checking out the playground goods.

You would think I would have taken a pic of his teacher?! OOPS!!! Hopefully it won't be too crazy on Monday and I can get a teacher pic.

3 DAYS 'til school starts!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

NO LIE...what goes around...comes around!

So, today I was punished! It was school supply shopping day, and it was EXCRUCIATING!!! I think I need to go back and write an apology note to all the parents whose kids I had when I was teaching. Those lists we gave them were a joke, and SO obnoxious, I am now finding out. Like my title says...what goes around...comes around!!!

We had to go to two stores with our list, and in the end I still don't have my 20 WHITE gluesticks, AND I forgot 1 package of whiteboard markers. Not only that, NOW, I have to take a couple things back. UGH!!! Shhhhh, I might even have become cheap in my "now that I am the parent" role, and went with generic!!!

Can you believe all this stuff???

I wonder if it's too late to homeschool?! :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pump It Up playdate

We've got cabin fever here (due to on and off colds), so today we got out of the house. We met up with Jess and her boys, Wyatt and Sawyer, for a date at Pump It Up. It was the perfect place for the kiddos to burn off some energy.

The "big boys": Cutter, Christian, and Wyatt.
(Uh, no one wanted to get their pic taken.)

Sawyer was such a good boy, and just chilled all morning.

Thank goodness these 2 stuck together.
(I could actually talk with Jess!)


My climber...Cutter.

Thanks Williamson Family for joining us!!!
We had a great time!!!


Monday, August 9, 2010

The countdown is on...

For this little boy!

KINDERGARTEN begins in a WEEK!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


SIGH...only 12 more days until kindergarten starts. Then my house can resume being neat and tidy. PLEASE...who am I kidding...I have BOYS!!!

Here's what's happening today...

I gotta give it to them, they are creative!
I think all our summer movie outings are making an impression.

Am I too close?

I think Cutter has the best seat in the house.

You should see what they come up with for the TV show WIPEOUT!!!

I just LOVE their imaginations!!!