Sunday, September 26, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame...

Today we hit the Dbacks game with Collin's family for the last home game of the season. Thank goodness for Kaitlyn and Kylie! I think they helped make the whole experience much more enjoyable!

The girls had their electronics with them so that was GREAT!

When that got old, I had snacks.

Uh, you would think with the other family members present,
I could have gotten a full family shot.

Christian cheering them on.

We made it to the 8th inning and decided we were done. Shortly after we got in the car and were heading home, we got the text that we had left too early and the Dbacks won! I'm thinking we were maybe good luck to them by leaving. :)

It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Get your game face's game day for ASU!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fort Kennedy

So, tonight I was feeling nice and decided we could make a mess and build a fort. They have been doing this the last couple days, thanks to dad, but Cutter has really been wanting to sleep in it. Tonight he got his wish.

However, once he found out Christian would be his fort mate...ummmm...not such a happy camper. He doesn't even want to be in the pic!

TAKE 2...He is miserable!

15 min. later...they were separated...


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just because....

We were heading out this morning and I just decided to try a one arm pic for fun. WOO HOO! I actually LOVED the pic, and it's the first time I will say these 2 are all me!!! They'll appreciate my brown person genes one day! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Big Bribe

Today was the day Christian got to cash in on his big bribe. He has not been, let's say, cooperative in the mornings taking Cutter to school. So, one morning I had finally had it, so I needed a plan. We, or I should say I, am not above bribing my kids to behave. Sometimes I do think that I am the parent so they just need to listen and do what I say. However, when I want it done fast, then let the bribes pour out! In this case, Christian could get the Shakey Bridge Thomas IF he would behave going to school, on vacation, in the house, basically EVERYWHERE! Well after 4 weeks and falling in the street today on the way to school, I figured this was the day for SHAKEY SHAKEY THOMAS!!!

He's got the money so off we went!

He knows right where to go.

He found it!


All set up and ready to PLAY!

GOOD JOB Christian!!! You have truly earned Shakey Shakey Thomas!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our San Diego LOVE!


So our 3rd day was spent a lot with this sweet little girl, and seriously, I am going to arrange some type of marriage deal with her mom! The backstory of Bailey is, on our first family trip to San Diego with the Jones Family, we met Emily. She is Bailey's mom, and we have just managed to stay in touch. She was just pregnant when we met her. I always let her know when we are coming, and hope we can see her. This time we were able to get the kids together and boy did they play!!!

Christian had his first tea party.

I think he was also trying to impress her with his ball catching skills too.

Collin finally stepped in and showed them how to play.

The bayside was definitely the side my boys preferred.

I think they enjoyed the bay being peaceful.

After a full afternoon in the sun and sand, it was time to say BYE!
I made sure to get one last pic.

SIDENOTE: For my boys when you are old enough to read this,
Bailey was the first girl you really played with.

We miss her already!!!

We got all cleaned up, AGAIN, and headed back to the Catamarran.
The boys did some more swimming.

We spent some more time with the Fenimore's.
Ryan, Chris, and baby James.

OH, and Christian crashed!!!

Why stop there? Let's ignore the fact the boys are exhausted, and head to dinner! It is our last night after all, AND, Emily had said Saska's had a great burger. So who am I to pass that up!

The boys learned the art of using chopsticks.

Cutter was a natural!

We said our goodbye's to the Fenimore's and made it home,
just in time for the Sea World fireworks! What better way to end the trip?!


Our Bayside Day

Day 2 started off with our usual jaunt down to the Mission to eat. The boys loved "racing" and I think it tired them out a bit. They were always so pleasant at breakfast time.

We had some friends staying at one of the resorts there, so after breakfast we were able to crash their pad. We had some more water/sand time at the bay, and then made our way to the pool. It was a really nice way to balance out the day.

Collin even got a little ambitious and got the kids suited up...

So they could do this....

I think it was more work than Collin had thought.
(Thank goodness for Nick! He took on my part of the work.)


Cutter was really digging the hot tub.
(Uh, there was no way to get this lady out of the pic.)

Oh, and he of course had to play Wipeout.

Christian enjoying his poolside snack.

After a full day I was looking forward to a relaxing evening. Collin was going out with the guys to watch the game and I could not wait to get my tuckered out boys into bed.

However, I ended up with filthy boys,
who only wanted to play with their new friend Bailey.

They played into the dark hours and boy did they test my clean limits!
I got them cleaned up and we were in bed by 9:30!

OH, and not to worry the SUN DEVILS won!!!

So, it was a good day for all!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

WOO HOO!!! We made it!!!

SAN DIEGO!!! 2010

The Kennedy's spent Labor Day weekend at Mission Beach!!! SO STOKED!!! Let me just tell you that Collin and I have been to San Diego every year since I swear we started dating (1997). Though the times have changed from our college-unmarried years, to now our family years, I don't think we have really missed a year yet. I was thinking it wasn't happening this year (due to our July wedding festivities) BUT surprise, surprise it did!!! Shhhh, we did have to have Cutter miss his first day of school for FUN, however, it was soooooo worth it!!!


After some much needed sleep we headed off to our favorite breakfast place.

Cutter just waiting patiently, talking on the phone,
to who knows?!

I am LOVIN' that we can wear sweatshirts!!!

Next stop...BEACH!

We had some good sand play.

The one armed shot so we know mommy was on the trip.

Christian was definitely more into the water then Cutter.


Gotta love the beach pics...however it was time to clean up because we had a whole evening ahead of us to get charged up for.

The first evening stop was for some park play.

We were lucky enough to have some other friends' in town, so we were off to happy hour.

Our restaurant of choice...

Sooooo kid friendly...even in the bar.

(Joe and Nick have been 2 of the guys we have been coming to San Diego with from the start.)

Here's another me pic!

Finally, we were off to our 7:30 dinner, with the Fenimore's. We had yet to meet their newest addition...JAMES!

Our kiddos were troopers for getting little sleep the night before, and going full throttle all day.

OOPS...almost forgot the sunset pic!

Day 1 down, 2 more to go!