Thursday, March 25, 2010

ETA...3 1/2 HOURS

Dear Daddia, I hear you are coming home today? How was your work on the airplane? I am so happy I got to talk to you on the phone. Do you want to know what I did while you were gone? Well, since it was just mommy here she let me eat Old McDonald meat and fries a couple times. It was soooo good! Mommy took me to Tball and we had pictures too. She did okay with bringing Christian. He was good. I smiled and said "CHEESE" for my pictures. Daddia, since you weren't here we pulled out lots of toys and didn't play with any of them. We know how much you like our toys everywhere, Mommy didn't seem to care. :)

You know what else was great??? Mommy bought us some Oreo's! I LOVED them, they are my favorite! Maybe we can get more next time!

Daddia, you know what else? Mommy met with my teacher today and I am smart! I LOVE that I am smart! I am sure Mommy will tell you all about it. :)

I can't wait to see you Daddia! Maybe we'll clean up our toys before you get home? See you soon!

OH, Christian wants a turn...

HI DADDY! How was Texas? Life was good never have to worry when you are away, I take good care of mommy! If something breaks, I will fix it for her.

I also stayed up late and built houses with her. (Shhhh, I think she really wanted company because she was scared without you!) you know Cutter slept in your bed EVERY night?! I tried but I was too crazy, so I went to my room. Mommy said I was up too late...11:00!!! She said I will be going to bed early tonight.

Mommy says you will be home soon...I am not taking a nap so I am sure I will drive you crazy! OH, can we go to the movies this weekend? I want to see the dragon movie! Bye Daddy!


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