Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Poop+Stink=Slumber Party

So I betcha didn't know that...did you? Well last night at bedtime we had some chaos and 1 upset child. :( It was bedtime, we put Cutter down first. (He still sleeps in a pull up so he usually uses this time to poop.) We like to give him his privacy. :) ANYWAY...I am up helping Collin and hear Cutter yelling for me to come change him...I say hold on...then I go in after a few minutes...Cutter is saying change me with his butt up in the air like a tee pee and I am thinking what the heck? turns out it was too big for his pull up, some how leaked out, and he was trying to not get in it. HILARIOUS (his position) but I felt bad that I totally was making him hold this position the entire time I am shooing him off for Collin. He then got totally upset that he had poop in his bed (let me say it was like nothing major...tiny drops if you will) and Collin came to pull him down out of the top bunk (still in tee pee position) and the tears would not stop because of the poop in his bed! Cutter then crying and crying says, "I have to sleep in your bed because there's poop in my bed!" Well of course you do!!! :)

**sidenote** we totally let our kids sleep in our bed, I LOVE IT, I mean how long are they going to want to snuggle up with you?! So more power to him!!! Needless to he is...

Now, Cutter usually is the one who is in our bed, Collin likes to ask why he always does and Christian doesn't...yadda yadda during all this chaos Christian is watching his show in our bed. SO instead of kicking him out so Cutter can go to bed...let's just move Christian's bed in and have a big slumber party!!! WOO HOO!!! I also couldn't make him sleep in their room because it was sooooo stinky!!! So that's what we did (slumber party) and here's what we found at the foot of our bed at almost 10 o'clock....when we came to check on them.

Our little stinker not sleeping and happy as can be!!!

Not much sleep happened for the parents but these are the moments we'll wish we had instead of a good night's sleep! Well....maybe....

Friday, September 25, 2009

Daddy's Turn!

Today was Collin's turn in Pre-K for the "job talk". I think he was afraid he wasn't going to be as cool as his brother, the pilot, but he did great! I think it helped that he had some cool products to show off and pass around. He even let the kids shoot some of the staples. FUN! The funniest part is that the yellow thing in his hand represents a stomach but when he cut it for a demo the kids said he cut the fish! You can't tell but it doesn't look anything like a fish!!! Too funny!!!

And here's Cutter...too cool for school...just chilaxing watching his daddy in style!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OH...Say it Ain't So!!!

Well, well, the time has come to throw in the towel and face the fact that naptime is officially over for Cutter. :( This week he has yet to fall asleep after "resting" for at least an hour. Today was the test because he got up early, so I thought for sure he was going to take a killer nap. UH, NOPE! So let this be my "aha" moment and realize my 4 year old is growing up and not a baby! So sad...BUT...we've had a good run...almost 4 1/2 I can't complain.

Cutter you were an excellent sleeper and now we'll have some quality quiet time together!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another busy day....

THANK YOU UNCLE CHRIS!!! Today was a fun day at school for Cutter. They are talking about communities and families this month, and his teacher opened it up for people to come in and talk about their jobs. Well, Collin is going to go in, but I took full advantage of my brother in law, the pilot, and got him to come be a part of the PRE-K fun!!! He was great and he even brought wings and airplane cards to share with all the kiddos. It was a good time and we thank Uncle Chris for driving the drive for us!!! THANK YOU!!!

Afterwards, we got to go to lunch with Paige and her daughter, Elle, who so generously took care of Christian while we were at school with Cutter. She says he is good...I find it a bit shocking...but maybe being with a girl makes him a little bit more tame. :) I hear Elle does most of the watching...good job keep him in line!

Next, on our agenda was a trip to the Dr. for flu shots. Seriously, I must be way to into my blogging because who takes pics of their kids crying in the dr. office instead of consoling them!!! I DO!!! Good thing my other half was there or they would be left to fend for themselves, so I can be sure to get the right pic to capture the moment.

Christian good....Cutter...not so good!!!

The payoff...ICE CREAM!!!

Tomorrow, I think we'll just hang out.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My handsome boy!!!

So it was our first picture day and I had to capture the moment myself! Not to worry the straws will not be in the school pic, even though I am sure Cutter would like them to be! Isn't he cute?!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Oh my goodness!!! Who would have ever thought that the Kennedy's...well Collin Kennedy...would miss an ASU game willingly!!?? NOT ME...and that's exactly what happened this weekend! Collin decided he wanted to stay home and watch the game!!! Seriously, I use so many exclamation points because I still can't freakin' believe it! Soooo, what do you do when you stay at home? Well, of course you order lots of yummy food...

And you do your best to teach your 2 year old how to
make the ASU pitchfork with his fingers...

It must have worked because we (ASU) totally crushed the competition!!!

ASU 2-0

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mommy make-up day!

So, I assume I am not the only mom who has bad mommy days...if I am...then what's your secret?! Yesterday was not one of my better days as a mom, so today it's "make up" day for my kids. I decided I would find some fun activity for us to do. Cutter had a half day so that made things very schedule friendly! What did I choose??? Surprisingly, I chose an activity that had the potential to be a disaster and a mess!!! Voila.....

This is probably shocking to most because it's messy, I am alone with 2 boys and have to be alert at all times! It definitely does not fit my "mellow" activity persona, the one you know that doesn't like to do something that will be too much work! However, like I said it was my "make up" to the boys for being a butthead and I needed to make them love me again! I was willing to do ANYTHING!!! So here we was very easy and FUN!

The boys did an excellent job staying seated and really seemed to like painting!!!
(I did make sure I put them in clothes I wouldn't care about being ruined.)

If this is the biggest mess I had to deal with then WOO HOO!!!

BAM!!! The finished product....

Saturday can not come soon enough to see them all shiny and finished!!!

Sorry Cutter and Christian for being a mommie dearest yesterday...

Saturday, September 12, 2009


So today we were celebrating family birthdays on Collin's side and I don't know what Christian was thinking but his was not one we were celebrating!? I guess he just wanted in on the action. We were celebrating Collin's dad, our niece, and my sister-in-law's mom's birthdays. It's funny as families get bigger, how birthdays seem easier to group. :) Kylie, our niece, picked the meal and it was YUMMY!!! We had steak, potatoes, and a delish strawberry salad. I LOVED it and ate like a pig! I'm not ashamed!!! To top it off we had a FABULOUS chocolate cake baked by Melinda (my SIL) and let me tell you she could put Betty Crocker to shame! Excellent meal compliments to the chef!!!

Cutter and Christian are not at a loss for things to do over at their Aunt and Uncle's house. From the trampoline, to swimming, to rocking out, they can always find something FUN to do.

They even have parakeets!!!

One awesome thing about going to the cousins' house is they are excellent gymnasts so it's like free gym time at their house. Cutter was actually taking some gymnastics the past few months at our community center so it was kinda fun for him to bust out some of his moves.

And even though there is plenty to do, here's what happens when mom and dad are too comfortable, and their mischievous son, Crazy Christian, is left alone too long...TROUBLE!!! Again...this kid is a stinker!!!

(Not to worry we did let him have a could we say no to those big brown eyes!!!)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Scott Family!

So take yourself back to my Tucson post and you'll remember that one of our trip highlights was that there was a professional photographer who wanted to take pics of our kids playing in the splash fountains. Enter the Scott Family who lives in California and have a photography company. Seriously, these were the nicest people and if you can believe it we got the pics today in the mail! They were so nice and said they would send us a CD at no charge saying it was just for FUN! WOO HOO!!! LOVE THEM!!!

NOW the kicker...while Mr. Scott left to go get his camera we started talking and turns out they are from California but were in Tucson because their son plays for U of A! We made it known that we were Sun Devils and luckily they didn't hold it against us and still took the pictures. :) So, turns out the QB Matt Scott is their son and it was fascinating hearing about the inside scoop on what these kids go through while being wooed to be on college teams. I wanna say someone on our team went to highschool with him so it's a funny connection to me.

I would like to say all is fair in football and photography...and we might...well I might...have to be sure to keep my eye on U of A this year, and maybe give Matt a little love!? I mean his parents were awesome so really he can't be that bad. So GO MATT, I hope YOU do well and you have some good numbers this year!

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Scott for some great pics!!! We appreciate your kindness and generosity!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

ASU vs. Idaho State - Sept. 5, 2009 GAME DAY!

WE WON! WE WON! WE WON! That's right people ASU won 50 to 3 in their first game! WOO HOO! Ok...let's be serious though, really, considering who we were playing ASU better have won. Now, I will be the first to say I don't really know stats and really anything else for that matter about football, BUT I do know there is a difference between playing Idaho State and let's say...USC. So, I am going to go out on a limb and say really ASU better have kicked this team's butt!!!

This time the boys got to get geared up for the big day and let's just say not to into me capturing the moment. I had to have pics for the blog, and you know I was not about to haul the camera down to the game. (PLEASE I hardly have room in my pockets for my chapstick and ID!) So needless to say the boys were going to be my game day models like it or not! They were probably just bitter because they weren't going to the game and just getting dressed up to go to the grandparents house. On game day they represent!!! That's our Sun Devil Law!!!

One added bonus for the day....the WEATHER!!!

We could not have asked for a better day! Thank you football weather gods!!! It seems like the first few games of the season are freakin' MISERABLE because it's soooo hot, but today was FAN freakin' TASTIC!!!

All in all it was a great day...ZIPPS, The TAVERN, the game, FRIENDS, and good night out for Mommy & Daddy! GOOD TIMES are a coming!!!

Next game...Sept. 19...Louisiana-Monroe...who are they???

Thursday, September 3, 2009

IT'S OFFICIAL....COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS HERE!!!'s 9:27 pm and Cutter is asleep, I am hearing the background noise of announcers, school bands, and fans cheering. That can only mean one football is here! Collin is in heaven this Thursday night with the Oregon Ducks AND the Cardinals! He's been parked on the couch since 6 pm and right now trying to convince Christian to get into the spirit of college football. I don't think he's buying it! Anyway...welcome football...and bye bye husband!!!