Sunday, March 21, 2010


We had a FAB weekend! It was one of the busiest we have had in awhile but SUPER FUN! All the fun started on Saturday with a HUGE date night! It was our day to celebrate our anniversary so we sent the kiddos to the grandparents and off we were to the west side!

We hit Westgate and some of its fine establishments. One was for dinner and the other drinks. It was a happening time at Westgate. After some food and beverage we were off to the main event...COYOTES HOCKEY GAME!

Since this was an anniversary with a theme, "7 year itch" I had big plans! It was supposed to be a trip to San Diego, but due to Collin's work schedule that didn't exactly pan out. SOOOO, trying to think outside the box, I thought "Hmmmm, what did we used to do back in the day?" Pre kids and in our dating years we would go to all kinds of sporting events. Baseball, football, basketball, we did not when I had the chance to get free tickets to the Coyotes game I jumped! It was a smokin' game and a good time!

Our one arm shot "Heaps-style".
(We had to have a momento of the occasion.)

We headed out early and seriously had a full evening of couple time! AWESOME! I even made sure to give Collin a little gift...if you got an itch you gotta scratch!

I got him 7 scratchers (1 for each year of our wedded bliss.)
Unfortunately, we did not hit it big! Oh well!

It was a PERFECT night!


Guess what's back in town...the dirty and unsanitary CARNIVAL!

After the kid pick up on Sunday, we were off for family fun day at the Anthem carnival. WOO HOO! Get your sanitizer out!!!

Christian was still our "rider" but surprise, surprise, Cutter said the merry-go-round was for babies and he went for the big boy ride.


After about the 3rd time of this ride Collin was done! So we were outta there and headed for some nourishment.

Everything is better after PIZZA!

WHEW...we are exhausted and ready for normalcy. Spring break is over and we ended the week right. :) GOOD TIMES...GOOD TIMES!!!

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