Wednesday, August 5, 2009

OK...I can't believe I did it!!!

SO...thanks to some new know who you are...I have once again been sucked into technology and am going to attempt to maintain a blog. I got a FB account reluctantly, and now I can't believe I am doing this! Please join me on this journey!

I guess in the grand scheme of things it will be a good way to let those of you who we don't get to see often or for that matter even get to talk to that much, a way to see/read what's up in our world. I guess I am a little excited and will do my best to keep our life interesting to you!!!

With that said...let's go for it!!! Well for starters the pic I posted is from 2007 and was taken in Maui. The boys were 2 (Cutter) and 6 months (Christian). I guess I will admit to those of you who don't know, I am a little vain, so if there is a pic I don't like it doesn't usually see the light of day. This one I like and I now have short hair so it is the one I chose to represent Collin and I. The boys aside from being bigger, really look the same to me. Crazy! I will however post recent pics of them and maybe even me. MAYBE!!!

I'll take this first entry as a success and hopefully you will be lured back to check out whatever I decide is share worthy. Let me tell you me and my 3 boys are more than entertaining!!!



  1. I'm so proud of you for starting a blog! I will be following, my dear! Did you guess that I would be your first follower?!

  2. I am honored!!! You are a pro after all!! You might have to teach me how I can have a link to your fabulous blog. That would be awesome! I need to share TomKat with everyone!!!

  3. YEA......welcome to the blog world! I love having a way to look back on how much and HOW FAST Caroline has grown! you are already linked to ours! :)


  4. Look at you!! I'm soo impressed. Maybe once i finish school I'll start one :)