Wednesday, August 26, 2009

10 days and counting....

10 days until our 7 PM kickoff!!! Each day we are getting closer and I think I might have found my football shirt for this coming up season. I've put my vanity aside the last couple years, but this year I am really letting it go and just going with the whole football fan casual wear. T-shirt/shorts or T-shirt/jeans depending on weather. I just might even bust out a hat once and awhile to really make it easy. Especially because the beginning games are so freakin' HOT! Oh the things I do to spend time with my hubby!

ANYWAY...this whole post started when the boys put on hats and I started thinking a dress up blog! Now, I don't have girls so when my boys put on hats and start letting me take pics with props, then that's our boy version of dress up. I got to switch their looks between hats and a football. However, in the end it was lame! SOOOO...let's just post some pics and continue on with our ASU football countdown. (My creativity may be fading just a bit.)

I guess if the boys are lucky they may get to take their "looks" (let me remind you by "looks" I mean their hat wear) to an actual game. We'll it is nice mommy/daddy friend time. Cutter did make his first football game appearance last year so I guess we should consider it. Let's see how the season goes...shall we?!