Thursday, August 13, 2009


Big night tonight for was "meet the teacher night" for school! Come August 17, he will be starting Pre-K. Where does the time go? I took some pics at the event thinking I would save some of the craziness the first day of school brings. Cutter really liked his room and even found his name under the "C". WHEW! His teacher is named Mrs. Munoz and we already have some homework. Actually, I will call it a little project, an "All About Me" kinda thing for Cutter. The scrapbooker in me is looking forward to it! I guess the countdown is on. I have 3 more days to spoil my first born before I really have to share him with the world on Monday. :( Hmmmmm....any ideas???


  1. AHHHHH.....they grow up so quick, I feel like you were just making "the big announcement" with the little man!


  2. i know where dose time go... i broke down in tears tonight at dax, im a little nervouse about the first day. oh and if you come up with some good ideas i want in.

  3. PS....hey how did you get your pics in a square like that! I have been at this for a while and am getting passed by a "newbie" :)

    you are so advanced!! julia