Friday, August 14, 2009


Ok my friends, meet my new friends, Jamie and Paige. I know you've heard about them but now you have faces to go with the names. They are GREAT! I finally met some friends in Anthem with kids my kids ages. I met Paige in a running class, and I met Jamie at swim lessons. Both have recently moved to Anthem and we have been having some good times together. They are both good at getting out, so really they had their hands full with me. Most of you know I am not one who frolics about and frankly I am a bit of a homebody. I like being at home where life if easy! So props to them for really bringing me out of my shell a bit. Maybe next summer I will actually hit the pool with them. :)

Today was another fun day and we hit Dave and Buster's in Desert Ridge for some end of the summer fun. The kids could run wild and not be in anyone's way and we got to actually hang out and TALK! Shocker! Thank you D and B for being kid friendly!!!

Cutter not feeling it...I guess he just wanted to chill.

Just like his mama, Christian and Ms. Pac Man.

Funny Faces

All good things come to an end...

THANK YOU GIRLS for busting my butt to get out and play!!!


  1. good times indeed. im glad you braving the days out, and yes when school starts and less kids they will be even easier. ye ha!

  2. yay, I am so glad I met you too! I cant wait to go to a semi-quiet lunch with less children!