Friday, August 7, 2009

How do I LOVE thee...let me count the ways.....

Ok, so since I tackled 2 of my 3 boys yesterday, I thought today is all about COLLIN! Lucky him, he gets his own entry! I'm sure he's flattered!

FIRST I love, love, love this guy! Definitely don't say it enough but I DO, and totally appreciate the life he has given to me! He works hard (sells medical devices used in surgeries) and let me tell you looks HOT in a pair of scrubs! We've been together 12 years, married 6 of them, and I could not be happier!!!

We've done lots of things together and the best by far is raising a family together. If my boys can turn out like their dad, then ladies get in line!!!

Now, let's count the ways I love's my top 10 reasons why I truly love him!!!

10. He never complains when he comes home to no dinner, a dirty wife, dirty children, and dirty house!!! Some days just don't go as planned.
9. He would rather me wear no make up and pull my hair in a ponytail.
8. He is the same person no matter what situation he is in. He is true to his character.
7. His sarcastic and dry sense of humor. LOVE IT!!!
6. He is supportive when he's heard it all before. I don't follow through all the time.
5. He doesn't tell me no. Which comes in handy for girls dinners, girls trips, and boot camps.
4. His enjoyment being a family man.
3. He is an amazing father.
2. He is an unbelievable husband.
1. His faith in God.

Collin, you are the best blessing ever and I love you!!! MUAH!!!


  1. Gosh Lorie..look at you getting all mushie!! I got teary eyed ;)

  2. collin you do sound like a winner. the short time i was around you i thought you were pretty studly too. and im glad you dont say no to girls nights, you need to help matt on that one.