Sunday, August 9, 2009

The family that plays together....stays together!!!

So I might be a little addicted now to my little project, and even find myself up in the middle of the night planning out my next blog entry. SICK! Anyway, I knew our little family getaway to Tucson was coming up and I couldn't wait knowing it would be a great entry. If I only knew....

We left Friday to this fabulous JW Marriott in Tucson! It was beautiful and I could only imagine the fabulous pics I would get. As the ideas were spinning in my head I seriously was giddy! Anyway we headed right to the pool, took some pics, kids played in the splash fountain, took some pictures. Saturday headed to the pool bright and early took lots of pics! We found the slide and lazy river which led to excellent photo ops, and then the unthinkable...I freakin' fell down the stairs by the bridge to the slide, while holding Christian, and PLOP the camera goes into the pool!!! I knew then my long awaited Tucson entry was no more the glory I imagined it to be. :(

Anyway, not to be outdone by this little setback and some serious bruises I rallied and bought the old school disposable. Totally weird not being able to see the picture after you take it or for that matter having technology in your hand where you can delete or keep. So I was granted 27 pics and did my best to create some magic. We'll see what happens...I guess you can look forward to part 2 of this.

The upside we definitely played!!! Lots of swimming, eating, and drinking!!! Well, reasonably of course, we did have kids! ;) Tucson was AWESOME and I think one of the best times we've had traveling as a family! Who knew?!


  1. damn those camera'a and breacking dont they know how important they are? im glad you got a replacement and that the trip was fun. im sycked for part 2

  2. Only you could fall down the stairs holding your son. I hope all is ok.