Friday, August 21, 2009

TGIF!!! Seriously...TGIF!!!

Oh, thank goodness it's Friday!!! We made it through the week and now know what to expect next week. I guess I will spend this week creating a routine. Cutter had a good first week at school. No complaints and he was more than willing to go back everyday. WOO HOO!!! Christian even got to get in on the action and attended his school today for the first time as well. He is going to Cutter's old school one day a week. His teacher said he was an ANGEL today! (I thought for sure she was mixed up and thought she had Cutter and not crazy Christian.) So that was good news to me, because now that he's made it through the audition I get one morning a week all to myself!!! WHAT TO DO??? WHAT TO DO???

Happy Friday and have a great great weekend!!!

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