Saturday, April 10, 2010

THE 100TH POST...Christian's First Soccer Game

Soccer season has started here in Anthem and we may have spoke to soon about Christian being made for sports. He was raring to go his first time out....then....KAPLOOEY...he was D-O-N-E!!! DUDE...WHAT THE HECK?! He was soooo done that Collin had to even go out on the field with him to get him back out there!!! CRAZY!!!

We are chalking it up to Cutter's game being at 9:30, him not knowing what a game consists of, the weather, and Cutter being a distraction. All excuses aside...he will be back out there this week for practice and he will continue to be pushed to participate!!! He IS made for sports after all!!!

Here's some highlights...

OH...WOO HOO for my 100th post!!! Did I ever think I would LOVE this whole blogging thing??!! I REALLY FREAKIN' DO!!!


  1. Holy Cow that is a lot of posts in 5 months. Christian will warm up dont you worry!

  2. yea the big 100. see arent you glad your in the blogging world