Friday, April 9, 2010


It's a sad day folks...I have decided to finally cut the cord, and graduate to being a "no stroller" family. Does that mean my kids are growing up??? THAT THEY ARE NOT BABIES!!! BOO HOO!!! This was my FAVORITE stroller and seriously it was the cadillac of strollers! A very smooth ride! OH, thank you my jogger for the many zoo trips, the times I did run with you, the nice strolls on the boardwalk in San Diego, and for just lookin' good! THE MEMORIES!!!

Anyway, in a few hours I am handing it over to the Mother of Multiples Sale, so it can bring joy to another lucky family! :( OH, and so I can make a profit off of it!!! I guess this is a milestone of some sort...the last of our baby contraptions. I will have no more lingering evidence that we once had babies. The boys are 3 and 5 now, and now that they have their bikes...they don't need this baby ride anymore...(again) BOO HOO!!! TIME FLIES...and I guess this is one of those moments I wish I could make it STOP!!! trusty've been a great ride!!!

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  1. That makes me soo sad!! Can't the kids stop growing up so darn fast?? Remember when we were kids and it seemed like the days lasted for ever? Now the years are flying by!! SNIFF...SNIFF!!