Monday, April 5, 2010


That's right people...the Kennedy's hit Las Vegas!!! Who says you have to be 21 to enjoy this magical place?!'s how Vegas came to be. I mentioned before I had big plans for our anniversary. Well, since that didn't happen, and I knew the boys bdays were coming, I thought...hmmmm....since we were going to go somewhere anyway, let's take them along! Instead of bday parties they got VEGAS!!! Now what 5 and 3 year old don't want to go to Vegas?! Start them young, I say!!!

Here we go...

Let's just get it out of the way now. Cutter LOVES to ride escalators. If I bore with you the pics of all the escalator rides, you might not continue reading. So here's just a taste.

Our first ride...Monte Carlo hotel lobby escalator.

Here's another one...(YAWN)...although, he now has sucked Christian in on the fun.

Of course you have to do some sight seeing!

We met some M & M's...
(sorry for the blurry camera was dying)

Oh, and bought some of their overpriced buddies.

GAMEWORKS was next.

Shhhhh, don't tell them they aren't really playing. :)

BOY...did we do some walking!!!

Christian had the right idea.



A little bit more R & R...

Let's head back out...

Dinner at Diablo's

Dancing fountains at Bellagio

"Night-night family...I am off to gamble"...WOO HOO...he left Vegas ahead!

Exhausted yet...I am! Now, having kiddos in tow, you have to go to CIRCUS CIRCUS!!! What kind of parents would we be??? I made sure we had sanitizer in hand and off to FILTHY TOWN we went!

SURPRISE, SURPRISE, Cutter rode a fast ride all by himself!

So did was not as successful.

No worries...he recovered!

We finally packed it up today and headed hoo!!!


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  1. tell the truth lori, were you there? there was not one photo of you girl.. get on that!

    glad you had fun me loves the vegas