Friday, December 3, 2010


We are still on cloud 9 here in the Kennedy House!!! Our Sun Devils came through in the end, despite a below average season, AND beat U of A!!! We took the kids and headed over to the McCarty's new house to watch the big event. BIG it was!!! So big that we didn't get home and in bed until quarter to 12, which made going to kindergarten this morning a little rough. The things we do for our sun devils! We made it in time to school, while Christian slept in til almost 10. I will say I am disappointed in my pics, because all my good ones were sad!!! :( OH WELL...WE WON...WE WON!!!

Our ASU fans!

This pool table provided hours of F-U-N!

Wade, Collin, and Mark watching intently.

Getting intense and interrupted by the kiddos!

SCORE! High 5's all around!

Halftime Snacktime

Poor little Sawyer was so tired he took over Sugar's bed.

Mark trying to rally the devils with some help from Christian.

I guess it worked...the celebratory lift!

So sad...below might be my best pic...and it's BLURRY!!!

The big boys and little boys. :(


FINAL SCORE: ASU 30 U of A 29 in double OT


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  1. awe ya baby nothing like victory to make the night just perfect.. and im thinkin the victory lift was key!