Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Singin' the Blues Away

So still don't have my Polar Express pics out of the trash yet, so thought I would do a filler post in the meantime. This past weekend we got to do some good ol' fashioned caroling. The Stover's sure know how to do it up!

Thank goodness for the Williamson's and their wagon.

Catching up with the group to do some singing...or not.

Cutter trying to get some room in the wagon.

Oh, I think he is finally relaxed.

Christian's turn to be pulled.

Our little reindeer.

This was the best shot of the night! Somehow we managed to get a GREAT photo of some of the frat guys' who have families now. I tried to blow it up a bit, but I can't believe even the kids are looking! PURE LUCK!!!

I am LOVIN' the holiday festivities!!!

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  1. Ph how the times have changed!! Not the same frat parties anymore :) Great pictures!!