Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa 2010

Last night we had a family outing to get the kids with Santa pic for 2010. We skipped last year, Cutter was not down w/ Santa, and really he isn't feeling it this year either. He is very selective in what Santas' he likes. His decision of whether he likes Santa or not comes down to the type of glasses they have, if they have glasses, how they look, and I am sure a multitude of other things he just hasn't told us. Right now the front runner for Santa is the one on Dora. He has no glasses! Taking this to mind, we had NO IDEA how this was going to go. Nonetheless, Collin and I were prepared, by this I mean dressed appropriately, in case we became part of the picture.

We have arrived.

Checking out the tree while waiting in line.

They are writing a letter to Santa.

Christian was way into it!

The nerves are kicking in for Cutter.


We were pleasantly surprised by Cutter's reaction. He was GREAT, and then the kicker. We headed outside after, while Collin picked the best picture. HOWEVER, he comes out and says the lady lost our pictures, so we had to head back in!!!

UH, here's what we got...they are thrilled!

Here's our final shot...LOVE Christmas pics w/ Santa because you will NEVER have 2 that are the same. There's always a story behind the picture. Bonus...she threw in 2 wallets and a 10 dollar off to Kodak. We'll take it!!! (Oh, the spot was from my wasn't in the final take.)



  1. Looks like Cutter thought this Santa was a good one. I'm glad that they had fun.

  2. love the santa shot, we have yet to hit that cute place, it is on my to do list.