Monday, September 6, 2010

WOO HOO!!! We made it!!!

SAN DIEGO!!! 2010

The Kennedy's spent Labor Day weekend at Mission Beach!!! SO STOKED!!! Let me just tell you that Collin and I have been to San Diego every year since I swear we started dating (1997). Though the times have changed from our college-unmarried years, to now our family years, I don't think we have really missed a year yet. I was thinking it wasn't happening this year (due to our July wedding festivities) BUT surprise, surprise it did!!! Shhhh, we did have to have Cutter miss his first day of school for FUN, however, it was soooooo worth it!!!


After some much needed sleep we headed off to our favorite breakfast place.

Cutter just waiting patiently, talking on the phone,
to who knows?!

I am LOVIN' that we can wear sweatshirts!!!

Next stop...BEACH!

We had some good sand play.

The one armed shot so we know mommy was on the trip.

Christian was definitely more into the water then Cutter.


Gotta love the beach pics...however it was time to clean up because we had a whole evening ahead of us to get charged up for.

The first evening stop was for some park play.

We were lucky enough to have some other friends' in town, so we were off to happy hour.

Our restaurant of choice...

Sooooo kid friendly...even in the bar.

(Joe and Nick have been 2 of the guys we have been coming to San Diego with from the start.)

Here's another me pic!

Finally, we were off to our 7:30 dinner, with the Fenimore's. We had yet to meet their newest addition...JAMES!

Our kiddos were troopers for getting little sleep the night before, and going full throttle all day.

OOPS...almost forgot the sunset pic!

Day 1 down, 2 more to go!


  1. Looks like you all had a great time! Ahhh how I miss Mission Beach and the great play ground. Good times.

  2. nothing like the beach, im so jealouse you got to go. and the dew looks tottaly vacation ready:) what a blast