Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our San Diego LOVE!


So our 3rd day was spent a lot with this sweet little girl, and seriously, I am going to arrange some type of marriage deal with her mom! The backstory of Bailey is, on our first family trip to San Diego with the Jones Family, we met Emily. She is Bailey's mom, and we have just managed to stay in touch. She was just pregnant when we met her. I always let her know when we are coming, and hope we can see her. This time we were able to get the kids together and boy did they play!!!

Christian had his first tea party.

I think he was also trying to impress her with his ball catching skills too.

Collin finally stepped in and showed them how to play.

The bayside was definitely the side my boys preferred.

I think they enjoyed the bay being peaceful.

After a full afternoon in the sun and sand, it was time to say BYE!
I made sure to get one last pic.

SIDENOTE: For my boys when you are old enough to read this,
Bailey was the first girl you really played with.

We miss her already!!!

We got all cleaned up, AGAIN, and headed back to the Catamarran.
The boys did some more swimming.

We spent some more time with the Fenimore's.
Ryan, Chris, and baby James.

OH, and Christian crashed!!!

Why stop there? Let's ignore the fact the boys are exhausted, and head to dinner! It is our last night after all, AND, Emily had said Saska's had a great burger. So who am I to pass that up!

The boys learned the art of using chopsticks.

Cutter was a natural!

We said our goodbye's to the Fenimore's and made it home,
just in time for the Sea World fireworks! What better way to end the trip?!


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  1. a chopstick master hu... im impressed and yes nothing tops a day off like fireworks.