Monday, September 13, 2010

The Big Bribe

Today was the day Christian got to cash in on his big bribe. He has not been, let's say, cooperative in the mornings taking Cutter to school. So, one morning I had finally had it, so I needed a plan. We, or I should say I, am not above bribing my kids to behave. Sometimes I do think that I am the parent so they just need to listen and do what I say. However, when I want it done fast, then let the bribes pour out! In this case, Christian could get the Shakey Bridge Thomas IF he would behave going to school, on vacation, in the house, basically EVERYWHERE! Well after 4 weeks and falling in the street today on the way to school, I figured this was the day for SHAKEY SHAKEY THOMAS!!!

He's got the money so off we went!

He knows right where to go.

He found it!


All set up and ready to PLAY!

GOOD JOB Christian!!! You have truly earned Shakey Shakey Thomas!!!

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