Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Bayside Day

Day 2 started off with our usual jaunt down to the Mission to eat. The boys loved "racing" and I think it tired them out a bit. They were always so pleasant at breakfast time.

We had some friends staying at one of the resorts there, so after breakfast we were able to crash their pad. We had some more water/sand time at the bay, and then made our way to the pool. It was a really nice way to balance out the day.

Collin even got a little ambitious and got the kids suited up...

So they could do this....

I think it was more work than Collin had thought.
(Thank goodness for Nick! He took on my part of the work.)


Cutter was really digging the hot tub.
(Uh, there was no way to get this lady out of the pic.)

Oh, and he of course had to play Wipeout.

Christian enjoying his poolside snack.

After a full day I was looking forward to a relaxing evening. Collin was going out with the guys to watch the game and I could not wait to get my tuckered out boys into bed.

However, I ended up with filthy boys,
who only wanted to play with their new friend Bailey.

They played into the dark hours and boy did they test my clean limits!
I got them cleaned up and we were in bed by 9:30!

OH, and not to worry the SUN DEVILS won!!!

So, it was a good day for all!!!

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  1. AWESOME Photos of your San Diego trip, LOVED them. Cutter and Christian's first girl-friend...too cute! Jess