Tuesday, February 2, 2010

we LOVE us some clean teeth

So, it's the LOVE month and what better way to start it off with some clean teeth for some smooching! What a difference 6 months makes!

It's been 6 months since Christian's first dentist appt. and it was a freakin' nightmare! So, this time I had to redeem the visit. Last time I had both boys with me for dual appointments and that's when I learned only 1 child at a time. No pictures were taken, and just as well because Christian's ear piercing screams were enough for me to want to forget his visit ever happened. Today, however, was a FAB trip to the dentist! No crying, kicking, or screaming...just a pleasant little boy...eager to please. HOORAY!!!

Who wants the first smooch?!

Christian, you are a good boy! Way to go today!

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