Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LOVE month...more like SICK month!!!

So, seriously, it feels like this whole month we've been battling colds, runny noses, throw up, coughing, croup, and fevers! PLEASE, I can't take it anymore! I really thought life would resume as normal tomorrow, BUT, at about 1:30 this afternoon Cutter had a fever of 101.1. Which means no school tomorrow (AGAIN) until he has had a normal temp. for 24 hours. PLEASE, I am going crazy! I almost have to say that what's making me crazy now is the fact that he seems pretty normal other than that fever, and Christian is now finally back to normal. what do we do on sick days???

We do puzzles...

Cutter builds ski houses and watches TV. :)

Christian plays with his trains.

They get a yummy lunch!

Oh, and some rest...Cutter must not feel good if he's taking a nap!

Although, not all was lost for mommy...I cleaned out the pantry!

I guess we'll do it all again tomorrow. Let's hope it will be fever free at least. :)

What to clean, what to clean???

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  1. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I think this month is just the worst for it all. hope your getting some naps in for yourself and theat the boys get feeling better asap.