Saturday, February 13, 2010

Christian Walker's turn for some LOVE!

So, with the intentions of doing this post 2 days out for our 2 year old, here we are 1 day from the big L-O-V-E day! (computer issues kept me from being on track) ANYWAY...this post is for our very loveable Christian.

This kiddo definitely keeps us on our toes!


1. He is a stinker, but a really sweet one!
2. He is all boy, rough and tough!
3. His funny facial expressions when he's going to get in trouble or when he wants to get out of trouble.
He says..."I sooo sorry!"
(As he's trying to score a hug to make us forget whatever it is he just did.)
4. His big brown eyes.
5. His signature dance moves!

Christian, you are one of our greatest gifts from God! We love you soooo much and look forward to all the memories we'll have together!


1 comment:

  1. i loved this kid from the second i saw him at swimming lessons and he was throwing balls at gradys head. it is such a move my boys would make and i loved it. he is such a rought tough go gett 'em boy.