Friday, February 19, 2010



I am sure there is a manlier term than date night, so I will have to work on that. ANYWAY...seeing as how we are still in the sick zone, I thought since Christian was better he deserved to get out of the house. So, voila, night out with Dad! Collin has an aunt in town so he took Christian for a little din din with his fam. PERFECT!

I got him showered and looking cool.

Oh, and let's not forget he was armed with entertainment of his own. I was hoping it would make dinner more enjoyable. :)

Bye bye boys...the other child and I will stay home and chill. What was funny was 15 min. after they left Collin texted and Christian had fallen asleep. Thank goodness for the power nap, because from what I hear he was pretty quiet and well behaved at dinner. Whew!

Don't worry about Cutter he got some goods too...McDonald's!

The good news...I think tomorrow will be our turning point with Cutter. He might just be on his way to finally being healthy! I'm sure the Mickey D's dr. mommy prescribed will help. :)

My fingers are crossed!!!


  1. That's a great picture of Christin and Collin. I hope Cutter is better and able to go to T-ball today. We off to the parade. I'll call you later.

  2. so glad he got his mckey d's im feeling it will deffinalty work some magic.