Sunday, February 7, 2010

A pat on the back please...


How about a big HOORAY for the Kennedy's?! We made it through January, and a little into February without eating dinner out once! So to end the misery, or I should say commemorate our accomplishment, we headed to an oldie but a goodie for us. I will give you one guess?


We LOVE (keeping with my l-o-v-e theme) Ajo Al's, as I always say! It really was the perfect place for us to go, as we re-enter the restaurant scene. :) It was Collin's choice, and seriously I was surprised that come time to make the dinner choice (stay in or go out), I really could have stayed home. WHAT? Did I really say that? Was Collin right all along, and now I am cured of my eating out habit!? PLEASE NO!!! However, I think I might be.

Actually, to be fair, Collin deserves a huge THANK YOU for the lesson learned. We were a little bit out of control with the eating out, and his challenge really opened my eyes to how much we could save staying in, AND that there is a Rachel Ray somewhere deep inside me! He was more than complimentary with my cooking skills and the different recipes I attempted for dinner. Do I dare say I enjoyed it a bit?! Now that February has started, I am more than willing to compromise between eating out and dining at home on the weekends. THANK YOU COLLIN for making me "get it"!

I'm not the only one who appreciated the night out.

These boys were in the celebrating mood too!!!

Anyone want to do dinner soon??? :)


  1. Good job! You are a better woman than I am. I looove eating out! Yes, let's do dinner soon and perhaps lunch and maybe even squeeze a bagel in for breakfast...whatya say?

  2. Ok...this is funny to me because we would actually have to try (hard) to go out to dinner on a regular basis. The thought of it is just daunting. I'd rather stay at home and pick at left-overs or guess at some frozen and forgotten meat than brave a restaurant with 3 kids. But, I get the accomplishment. Congrats!