Sunday, May 8, 2011

THE 200th POST!!!


SERIOUSLY...2oo posts??? WAHOO!!! I am still lovin it, and will soon get around to making those FAB blog books. It is more than fitting that I be the topic for such a big milestone! :) With that said, let's bring on Mother's Day was one for the books! Let me just preface this with the fact that we were supposed to be in Flagstaff, kicking it at Uncle Kane's hotel, eating Oregano's, and meeting the newest member of the Kennedy Clan. Well, that didn't happen...

So, Mother's Day started here last night,
with a mommy and boys sleepover in the family room.

Why was daddy not a part of this? So glad you asked...he was down with what he was thinking was food poisoning. We were hoping that by Sun. morning he would be doing better and we would be able to head up to Flag for the day. Well, after the morning got going, and Flagstaff was not an option, and Christian had already been in timeout twice before 9 AM, I was done with Mother's Day, and declared it "just another day". GRRRRRR....I started cleaning, and if anything, WAS getting out of the house, just to avoid any germs if Collin's food poisoning theory was really the flu. I took a shower, and decided to wash away the bad vibes, and start anew. I was a mom, and my kids are a gift. I should not take that idea for granted. I mean think of all the women out there who wish they could be moms. :( I needed to step it up! I got the kids ready and we were off...PLAN B was about to unfold.


I know it might be shocking, but we did have this place pretty much to ourselves. Also, it might seem like a silly choice, but I LOVE PPP, and I actually could just sit there and relax.


SECOND STOP: The Splash Pad

I was still trying to avoid germs, so we were avoiding home.
Plus, I think Collin was sleeping.

Cutter first born.

Christian Walker...need I say more?!

We couldn't stop here.

THIRD STOP: Swimming

My friend, Roxanne, was out of town, but said to go on over and swim!


We headed home after, and Collin was showered and feeling better. His fam stopped by on the way home from Flagstaff, and they even had gifts. (Always a good thing!) All in all, the day ended nicely. Cutter and Christian, I am blessed to have you two in my life! I L-O-V-E you!!!

Thanks for being my boys!!!


  1. you know my noto is plan bs are always better, and it looks like mothers day was no exception!! what a fun filled day, im impressed to see you took the boys swimming, dose that mean im gunna see you at the water park this summer?
    happy mothers day you are an amazing mom lorie, i love how you are alway happy and content chillin with you boys.

  2. Look at you taking the bull by the balls...i mean horns! I'm sure Collin will bring it next week and I'll be seeing you for part of your Mother's Day pampering!

  3. YAY!!!! Your 200th post!!!! You are an inspiration, Miss Lorie!
    Ah, how I remember those Mother's Days with expectations and then (raspberries)!!!
    Ooops, I think I just spit all over myself.
    I'm glad you turned it into something wonderful. You have a beautiful family and are very blessed!
    Keep on posting!!!