Thursday, May 26, 2011

LOTS HAPPENING.... of 9:45 this morning...
Cutter is no longer a kindergartner!!!

He's FREE!!!

Mrs. Khan & Cutter....LOVED HER!!!

NEXT...last night Cutter and I hit the Diamond Canyon 8th grade promotion.
My 2nd grade class was graduating!
How old does that make me feel?!

He says this is his "I love you" face.

I loved having Cutter there because this was the class that I had when I was pregnant with him. It almost felt like we had come full circle.
I mean, some of my 2nd graders have even become my babysitters!

All of these girls were at Cutter's baby shower.

Oh the memories!!!

Which now leads to a BIG memory...

After the promotion, we came home & hit the bathroom.

Cutter had a tooth that he just had to get out!

The last resort...the big pull!

Check out the new smile!

The tooth fairy came, and Cutter was happy with the 4 quarters she left.
(Whew...cuz he did tell me that she leaves 10 bucks!)

That's the happenings here!


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  1. WHOOHOOOO Cutter!! Congratulations on graduating kindergarten AND losing your first tooth!! You're growing up way to fast!!!!!