Thursday, August 12, 2010

NO LIE...what goes around...comes around!

So, today I was punished! It was school supply shopping day, and it was EXCRUCIATING!!! I think I need to go back and write an apology note to all the parents whose kids I had when I was teaching. Those lists we gave them were a joke, and SO obnoxious, I am now finding out. Like my title says...what goes around...comes around!!!

We had to go to two stores with our list, and in the end I still don't have my 20 WHITE gluesticks, AND I forgot 1 package of whiteboard markers. Not only that, NOW, I have to take a couple things back. UGH!!! Shhhhh, I might even have become cheap in my "now that I am the parent" role, and went with generic!!!

Can you believe all this stuff???

I wonder if it's too late to homeschool?! :)

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