Friday, August 13, 2010

Kinder Sneak Peek

Last night we had Cutter's "Meet the Teacher" night, and we are feeling really good about the year he is going to have. His teacher's name is Mrs. Kahn, and she was one of the Teachers of the Year in the district this past year. WOO HOO!!! His room is FABULOUS and seems very organized...just the way I would do it, if I was teaching! Hmmmm....I might be a little nostalgic?!

Cutter and Christian leading the way to room 204.

We found it.

Collin helping Cutter with a game to put all their supplies away.

We are looking forward to watching Cutter grow,
academically and socially.

Cutter checking out the playground goods.

You would think I would have taken a pic of his teacher?! OOPS!!! Hopefully it won't be too crazy on Monday and I can get a teacher pic.

3 DAYS 'til school starts!!!

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