Thursday, August 26, 2010

HOORAY for floaties!!!

WHOA! I am really's been awhile...but here I am. I have something to finally post! We'll call it a memory I wanted to remember. After all, isn't that what this whole blog is about...MEMORIES!!! It's time I get back at it!

Here we we all know the boys had swim lessons, and even though they liked being in the water, they stayed close to the steps. WELL...thanks to a summertime visit to Kari's that all changed. I was a total NO FLOATIE girl! I didn't want it to hinder the swim lessons so I kept them away. However, at a swim playdate with David and Savana, they tried out their floaties, and GEEZ LOUISE...the steps were the last place they wanted to be! Off they were, jumping and swimming!!! I made sure I got to Walmart and got them their own ASAP! Needless to say, we have been trying to get the last bit of swimming out of them.

Bummer, I waited until the end of summer to discover this swim miracle!!!

I am LOVIN' the floatie action!!!


  1. Yeah for floaties!!! Seriously I was anti floaties too until I got them and saw david treading water and jumping off the side. AHHH...the independance that floaties bring to our lives :) Should we do an end of the summer swim date soon?

  2. dang it.. just think of all the days you could have gone to the comunity center pools... next year baby next year.