Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WOO HOO!!! He's napping today...even after sleeping 12 hours last night!!!

Although, that might not be a good thing if it keeps him up later. :( I could wake him up and not let him just wake up on his own? My mommy decision making skills are going to have to help me decide what to do with this child of mine and his naps. I guess he's about 2 months shy of turning 3, so I could pull the plug on the napping, and not feel too guilty. Do I absolutely need Christian to take a nap? NO! Does it make him any less or more crazy later in the day if he doesn't have one? NO! Do I love that he still is a solid nighttime sleeper and will go to bed with ease? YES! Do I love that his napping would free me from a couple of hours of brotherly squabbles? YES! I do love too that it might make him a bit more scheduled too. Oh the decision...I guess this no nap thing might not make him my little baby anymore hoo! I have had a good ride with both my kids and their fab sleeping habits, so I can't complain. Maybe it's time to start a new chapter of childhood nap free?!

I KNOW...I will sleep on it!!!

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