Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Resolution Time

Okay, so I always love the new year and the chance to make a few resolutions. There is just something about starting over or starting something new, and I get kind of a high from it. Well, I am sure I am not the only one, but mine never last. There's always the same ones each year...lose weight/ a better CEO of the Kennedy House...blah, blah, blah. So, this year instead of "resolutions", how about a....

I looked the two words up in the dictionary and "goal" seemed to be more powerful to me, therefore, leading the Kennedy's to make some family goals. (Actually, I am making them for us, and Collin will find out about them when he reads this.) :) He'll love it!

GOAL 1...

Although, I do hesitate at using the term "date night". It doesn't really fit us, seems a bit too mushy for my taste. BUT...if that's what it has to be called to get a night out, then that's what we will call it! We always say we are going to have them, but it never happens. As a couple we know it's important to get away from the boys and spend some time alone together, so we'll give it a go in 2010.

GOAL 2 and 3...


Now that the boys are older and much easier to go places with, I think it's good parenting to spend some time alone with each one. So, I guess they can each have a "date night" with myself or Collin. :) Too cute!!! I figure to keep it budget friendly when one kid is out the other can just hang at home, and next time we'll switch. I am looking forward to seeing what "kid dates" we can come up with.


I can't even believe I agreed to this one, but Collin suggested that for the month of January we try and not eat out to see how much money we save. WHAT??? Seriously, this is what we like to's our weekend food plan!!! I guess I will try anything once and who knows it might be kinda fun! So here is our starting point...

I know it can be a bit shocking, but more often than not our refrigerator usually looks like this. I am a week to week shopper, and don't like to over buy. I feel like we waste too much if I buy too much. The plus is, our fridge is always clean and wiped down. I LOVE IT!!! Anyway, tomorrow it all starts and this will be filled (kind of) and the challenge will begin. I guess if it works, then by the end of January I should be the new Rachel Ray considering all the cooking I will be doing.

HMMMMM...time to go ask Collin where we are going for dinner...let the games begin!!!


  1. I love that you took a picture of your frig. You have more in it than I thought you did :) I can't wait to hear how the challenge goes. Does that include lunches too. Can you eat lunch out or no food out?

  2. Oh man that would be soo hard for me. I am limiting myself to eating out lunch 1 time a week. So I have to make it good. I can't totally deprive myself!

  3. Perfect...I just wrote an article about 2-hour dates for parents. Plan on using these tips myself: Date night has been distant memory around these parts. ;-)