Friday, January 1, 2010


What were we doing last night at this time??? Catching some Z's, of course! :) Seriously, I did wake up at 12:04, but went right back to bed thinking "'s 2010". The night was not lost however with no celebration. Collin and I managed a night out and headed to a fab New Year's Eve dinner. We went to our favorite (it has seen our engagment, some birthdays and anniversaries) and there's no better place to celebrate other than....MASTRO'S!!! YUMMY!!!

On our drive there we were trying to figure out the last time we went out for New Year's. We figured it had to be pre-kids, and probably 2004! (Kari, remember "smoke more in 04!") The last few years we have been in Durango, so I thought since we were here let's do something! We had a great dinner, good mommy/daddy time, and we were back home at 9. Thank you east coast time because at least we made it to midnight by your time. :) I think we are finally OLD!

So, now it is a new day and a new year...time to get resolutions in order...and start 2010 off right! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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  1. Ugh, Lorie. NYE has become the bane of my existence. I used to LOVE it growing up in Pasadena, it was always such a big deal. It's fizzled in recent history. This year, we intended to stay home but felt obligated to attend a neighbor's "party," at which we made up 50% of the guest list. We planned on staying 2 hours max but where held hostage by an intoxicated host who kept promising vodka shots and caviar at midnight (neither of which sounded interesting to us). We ended up leaving at 12:02, and spent the next 2 days asking ourselves why we got off the couch in the first place. Yep...definitely old.