Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'M PUBLISHED!!! Or I should say quoted...

I am a V.I.P. people! At least in my own head I am. :) We have a friend from college, Tiernan, and she is a writer. (Remember I posted a pic of her from our Colorado trip.) I said she is a writer for a couple online websites and in her latest article on starting a family blog she asked me to help! WOO HOO!!! Of course I would help!!! I am a blog expert...right?!

So, Tiernan emailed me some questions to answer, and I sent them back to her. Then in a mighty quick fashion, she sent me the draft that her editor was going to review. Too fun!!! I was quoted twice and feel famous!

Here's the be sure to check it out!

THANK YOU TIERNAN for including me!!!


  1. are too cute. Thanks so much for helping. I will surely tap into your wisdom in the future as well...if you aren't too big to help me at that point. :-)